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Generation 5 Chapter 2
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I spent hours remodeling the house before starting this chapter.  Here’s the front…

And the back.  You’ll see most of the inside throughout the chapter.

Time for the dates to begin and attempt to choose a husband.  Brynn invited Greyson to the little diner/bowling alley for breakfast.  But before she could request a table the host went back outside to snack on the mixologist!

Poor guy.

I saw him later and he seemed okay.  He’s also adorable.

I have a confession to make.  I was completely distracted by all of the family that was there.

Like Ace and Joselyn seemingly eating alone…

Until I noticed Gulliver over here.

So, by the time I paid more attention to them than just getting most of the date goals out of the way they’d already finished eating!

Joselyn didn’t seem impressed to see her cousin dip kissing a guy right in front of her.

It was Winterfest so a gift was in order.

He gave her a rose.

A mistletoe kiss before they leave.  Ace is probably hoping that will be soon.

Of course, I had to look around and see who’s there.  That’s the boy that Wolfgang and Miranda adopted, Noah.  Amadeus is now a teenager.

Maybe giving them a kid wasn’t the best idea?

Doesn’t Cashew look so much like his dad?  See how distracting it is to have the other sims around?  No wonder they rarely leave the house!

Back home it’s time to decorate.

And Lucas joins them.

Thank goodness the grand meals only take cooking level one.  Although, that’s highly unrealistic.  LOL!

I’d use her pregnancy as an excuse but I’ve had other sims do this too.

Present time!

And, I decided not to wait to have Isabeau move out.  I’d originally planned to keep her in the house until Brynn had her babies but what’s the point?  And it’s not fair making her wait to start her life.

Father winter popped out of the fireplace just then and started belly laughing which scared the heck out of me!

I forgot they won’t pay attention to sims eloping.  It seemed romantic when I thought of it.

I don’t think they really care that nobody is watching.

Apparently, they noticed in time to throw confetti?

And they got a new house!

Tried for a baby.

And now we’ve got yet another cousin on the way.  I know they’re getting the boys once they age to teen but that seems an awfully long time for them to wait.

Now that the spa room is closer they are in there all of the time.

The new cowplant has grown.  I have a new system in mind to keep track of his hunger need.  I need to name him.  Maybe a name will give him a better chance to live?

What are you doing, Brynn?

I found Father Winter bugged and walking in circles outside hours after he should have left.  I “made him leave” and he walked back into the house to the fireplace.  I took video but it seems silly to upload it to YouTube.

I’m really happy with the little greenhouse.

Our next date was Jacob.

This time I was sure to take pictures.

He’s so sweet.  I wonder what he thinks about her being pregnant and him not even living with her?

Gotta get these dates out of the way before baby time.  Also, I was hoping she would pick someone before then too.  So, it was off to a club with Greyson.

I feel like there’s more passion with Greyson but Jacob is comfortable and easy to get along with.

I was not planning for another date.  She’d gone home and was just about to eat when Jacob invited her out to eat.

Lobster Thermador and still room for dessert?  Yes, she’s surely pregnant!

Looks like uncle Nico is spying.

Okay, so she’d gone home, crawled into bed and slept maybe an hour before Jacob invited her shopping!

Home at the break of dawn!

I see you two fared well while alone all this time.

And then it’s go time!

Three!  Ohmygosh what did I do?  Meet Garrett, Griffin, and Lisette.  Sort-of alike names but not so much so that they’ll be mixed up I think.

Go up a pic and you’ll see that Swoosh was in there when she gave birth.  Heaven was taking care of them to try and get her Parenting skill up to complete her aspiration and look, Swoosh is back!

This time I didn’t forget their birthdays… barely.

I did give them both an elder makeover but never took pics so you’ll have to wait.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole triplet thing.

Might as well get a little flower arranging done with the babies asleep right?

Wrong.  Jacob invited her to the Spice Festival next!

Awe look at him enjoying the snow.  So cute.

I hate the bubble blowers.  Sims reactions to them are so annoying.  Like, even if they just used it themselves, they’ll boo and hiss at the sims using it!

I thought I’ll just leave them autonomous and see how it goes.

Jacob has been very persistent that’s for sure.  Around the time he’d asked her out the second time I thought maybe I’ll just see who invites her out the most since she can’t seem to make up her mind.  Greyson never did.  He only invited her out once and that was when they were teens.

So, when she rolled a whim to try for a baby with him…

I figured why not?

Someone looks proud of himself.  I think he knows he’s won.

And, we’ve got another baby on the way.  There’ll only be room for one once Jacob moves in.


It was not my intention to make this so gigantic I swear!  I just got carried away.

Apparently, even ghosts have to watch their figures.

This is why I moved Isabeau out.

Oh!  And they adopted a fox.  I was randomly rolling in CAS and couldn’t resist.

A TV?!?

Wow, some gentleman!  Snagging the toilet before your pregnant girlfriend can get to it!

I hate these things!

She passed away?!  Remember that she froze to death at one of the birthday parties?  I guess the death flower didn’t give her a whole lifetime because she’d just aged to elder.

I hate that they do this.  Even family members will stop to listen.  Gross.  They did it in Sims 2 with public woohoo as well.

Chapter 5.3

Chapter notes:

The baby belly thing is driving me bonkers.  Without the mod, the belly is gigantic and disproportionate.  With the mod, they only have a big belly if they’re a heavier weight.  She looked so silly going into labor with barely a belly at all though.  I’m switching to a “slightly bigger belly” version.  Wish me luck!  

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