TS4→ Drifter Reboot 002.6: House 002 Done!

House 002 Chapter 6

Spring & Half of Summer

Drifter Day…

The “graveyard visit” part ended with Neo bragging to the other founders about how great his granddaughter Blenny would do in house 003.

Poor Cricket was the last one to finish and the waiters just stood over her shoulder waiting for her plate.

Time for Guppy’s birthday!

Poor kid was even sick in his birthday pics!

Forgot Blenny’s teen pic.

Yes, I controlled her again… sue me.










Before going back to their house I had to create a pup for Bee’s family.

Floof and Gus Gus are both males but CAS let me mix them sooo why not right?  Meet Bubbles.

Bottoms up!

The outside of the house is done but I’m saving pics so I can put them all together.

So, I decided to put out a clothesline until I could get the lintless dryer upgrade done.  This load here?  Was there for days soaking wet.  It didn’t rain.  Eventually, I had her put them in the dryer.

Oh here’s one of the backyard.

Humor & Hijinks Festival…

Of course, Justin waited until they were about to leave to eat.

He totally tricked her into getting off of the microscope by kissing her!

Working on responsibility.

Oberon wanting to be near mommy.

She looks like she wants to snatch that phone out of Blenny’s hand!

Aunt Bee visited.

Proving to the cowplant that she doesn’t need its cake… someone else ate it though.

Working on handiness now that she’s maxed logic.

She only needed the logic to top the career!  Well done, Cricket!

Morning kiddos.

More upgrading.

Bernard and Mimsy kinda stole your romantic thunder there guys.

I couldn’t think of anywhere else to take them for a Love Day date.  There aren’t really any options this early in the challenge.

Who wouldn’t want to get happiness as a gift right?

Ah, back to the moody teens.  Joy.

Someone will use that stupid pool.  I wonder if Coolspear has a mod to make them use it like the swing one.

She was in a bad mood from the kids blasting the stereo.

Look!  Bubbles has aged up!  Cricket was rounding up family to watch a movie.  I didn’t realize that Mitchel was walking the dog outside at the time.

Umm Mitchel… you forgot something.

Since he was there Cricket made friends with him.

No, not creepy at all.

Ugh.  Teens.

Oh, this was Skill Day.  Cricket spent the entire day talking about handiness and cooking and such trying to get Blenny’s skills up.  I think there’s a boost that day… not sure.

Then, she forced the family to watch the cooking channel.

And shared astronomy knowledge with Blenny while Oberon “joined in.”

I was like wait a minute I know that dog but who is that?

Oh!  They all aged up!  Which means… makeovers!

I don’t think I’ve ever loved an extended family as much as this Drifter one.

Finally, the dryer could be upgraded and they were allowed to use it.  All of the hampers were full and stinky since the clothesline wasn’t working.


Double awe!

Are you seriously sick again?

I have a mod that shows what they have.  He had Gas & Giggles last time.

Maybe this is why he’s always sick?  Gross!

Now that her logic is maxed and all of the house tasks are done, including the dryer upgrade, there’s not much to do.  She played fetch with Oberon for a bit.

Tang came home from school with the kids.

She had level 2 cooking she should have been fine.

Should have… famous last words.

Again, I almost failed the challenge.  This time the day before Blenny aged up.  Oberon’s like OMG!

Yes, I think eating the leftovers instead of cooking is a good idea… why didn’t you do that in the first place?

I suppose they deserved that.

I think Cricket needed a moment to herself after all that.  She walked Oberon over here and just stood there until I made her leash him again and go home.

Pillar visited.

So sweet.  She probably wanted to check out the place after her daughter almost burned to death.  Also, I didn’t realize that table back there had burnt as well.  How could it burn and not the cards?

Birthday Time…

Do you see what I see?


Goby’s adorable!  All of the kids are really.

Live action!

sigh And this is about the time that I realized that Blenny was bugged.  The night before she had her energy meter showing 0 hours to pass out and I kept waiting and she never did.  I should have known she was bugged.  I couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t eaten.  Her hunger bar was super low.  I clicked on her and it kept popping up in her queue to eat and then immediately disappearing.  I restarted the game and that seemed to fix it.  Unfortunately, I also had the odd issue that it never popped up saying it was her birthday!  Her ageline was all bubbles and I know that her other birthdays were very early morning since she’d been born at like 6am.  I can only assume it was something to do with her being bugged.

It was getting late.  They’d all been there like 14 hours.

I’d bask in the glory but my nerves were shot at this point.

I did manage to get this screenshot which I am extremely proud of.  It was a total fluke.  I was trying to get their selfie by the cowplant.

And so, the selfie wall is complete.

Goodbye Willow Creek!

Hello, Oasis Springs!


I’m almost shocked she managed an A.  The game kept sending the kids home from school or they’d go and immediately come home!

At the party, I realized that Ducky was an elder.  I randomized a mate in CAS for her.

Same with Sherbert.

Yet another adorable puppy.

A/N: This isn’t actually the end.  I’m going to do a house tour chapter and I also have a folder with all of the pics I took out to make the chapters a bearable size throughout this whole house.  I hadn’t planned to but I’ve already started house 003.  I’m having a blast with it so far.

House Tour

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