TS4→ Random Legacy II 4.7: Postponed Crisis

Generation 4 Chapter 7

Natalya chatting with mommy…

Then cousin Addison.  She probably wonders why they’re all on computers all the time.

Why are we being weird?  Well, weirder.

I almost feel like it was a competition for who the kids like best.

I’m sure Allen won.  I noticed when Natalya aged to child that they have almost a full relationship bar!

Don’t be so morbid Moonbeam.  But yes, that’s a good spot.

Xavier seems talented.  He can write through a keyboard.

Maxwell visited again.

Nice kitty.



It’s gotta be the hats drawing their attention.

Someone’s proud of himself.  No nooboo again.  I have to say, things would have gone much differently if there was.

Think she likes the story?

Apparently not.  No wandering in a blizzard!

See?  Blizzard.


More freaking livestreaming.

And through the keyboard homework.  I think that Gideon has decided that if Natalya’s favorite is Allen he’ll make sure Xavier’s is himself.

Maxwell’s here… again.

Addison giving parenting advice?

Oops!  Careful there.

So much Moonbeam lovin’.

And I finally solved the mystery of why everyone was suddenly using the back door!

Finally, we get to shovel snow when it makes sense to do so!

Her picture was orange so she obviously needed something but she was running the neighborhood.  She was determined though.  I had someone call her home and she immediately ran back out!

Most of them woke hungry so it was a grand breakfast this time.

Belly laughs.

Not only is it Winterfest but it’s also Natalya’s birthday!

She aged up and immediately ran outside to see the snow.  You were running around in it a few days ago!  Also, I left her hair down in 2 outfits.  Incidentally, those are the only ones she seemed to have worn until the very end of the chapter!

Time to decorate.  And open presents…

Not sure how it fit but Addison got one of those giant microscopes.  Natalya was unhappy with her future cube.

Maxwell’s here… again.

Seriously, he might as well live here.  If I’d known he’d be here so often I’d have made him a helper and let Addison or Gideon move out and get married!

All of that celebrating wore her out.  Also, she needed a new bed.

Surprisingly, there weren’t really any beds that matched her room.

Father winter!

Which means more presents.

He gave Xavier a light show and immediately Addison went in there to look at it.  I might have to lock the door.

And in the morning it was (finally) Luna’s birthday.

The notification had popped up in the middle of the night and waiting was torture… for me.

That done, everyone had a slice of honeycake and the kids left for school.

A/N: I’ve decided to re-do the whole “midlife crisis” scenario because re-reading this as I was replacing the Flickr pics I realized that it’s supposed to be Luna’s crisis, not something thrown upon her unwillingly.  I was just so shocked by the rolls I didn’t think it out.  I made a little “extra” chapter explaining further if you’re interested.  It also explains what happened originally since I’ve removed it: Why the Rewind.


The first and second days of school!

She dodged a bullet with that guy!

Chapter 4.8

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