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Generation 5 Chapter 3
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I suppose I didn’t really need to wake up Ella after-all.

The ghosts have got this!


Jacob stopped by.  I have no idea why they’re all talking in the bathroom.

What is is about elders that suddenly make them so cute?

It was New Years.

Might as well start the new year off right and have Jacob move in eh?

I suppose the grandmothers are happy for the extra help.

What on earth are they doing?  That selfie would have been the back of Brynn’s head!

Oh.  Did no one mention the manual labor?

Although, nobody has much time for anything else with the triplets constantly crying.

She looks evil!

Happy New Year!

Heaven wouldn’t stay up to watch.  I think Ella felt like the third wheel.

Pufferfish: Now’s my chance to make my escape!

None of the ghosts came to the rescue this time and Jacob had to be woken up.

Thankfully, they aged up soon after.

Although, I’m not sure how thankful the family is now that they all need near-constant attention.

Someone’s feeling that early morning wake up.

She’ll figure it out… sooner or later.

Awake again?

Just needed some food and a visit to the potty chair.

Making use of the resident ghosts.

We had a new maid after the last one froze to death.  He did not seem happy to be there.  Indeed, he cleaned one dish, ignored the filthy counter, said his work was done and left!  Word has it he caught rabid rodent fever not long after.  So sad.


With the sudden and unexpected cough deaths of the last two maids a butler was hired.  What are you afraid of butler Ericka?  Nobody’s going to kill you.  We even gave you a beautiful room…

Your own personal sanctuary.

Blocks help for Lisette.

Maybe adorable chairs will keep them from crossing the house with the food?

Isabeau visited and Brynn gave her some tips on how to care for her new twins.

Adorable Griffin.

Lisette wanted a story.  Of course, they have to go outside to read it.  Apparently, that’s the best place.

He matches the walls!

What ya worrying about Garrett?

Jacob has signed onto the astronaut career and decided he better get training.

Brynn went into labor.  Would you believe that I’d forgotten she was pregnant?

Another boy.  His name is Quinton.  Way to ruin the birth photo, Heaven.  Catching sight of the baby, Lisette immediately left her bed to meet her new sibling, became angry and threw a fit.  Joy.

The boys are so much more easygoing.

Both of them are already pretty high in their movement skill.

The ghostly lessons might have something to do with Garrett’s skill.

As well as his love of the jungle gym.  Midnight outdoor fun?


Thanks, Baylee!  You’re free to go back to breaking things.

Unlike his sister, Griffin was happy to meet Quinton.

What is your issue?  She’s literally spent her entire time before this spraying surfaces that don’t need cleaning.  You could have slept!

It’s Elisevavidad again.  Time for some dance and music spirit in honor of 2nd generation heir Cassie.

You’re kidding me right now right???

I thought maybe I was being too judgy.  Maybe she just can’t get to the bed for some reason.  But no, Ella tested it and it’s fine.  I even tried leaving the door unlocked thinking maybe the “lock for everyone but butler” was broken.  She’s still never entered the room with the bed assigned to her!

What is your issue now?

Brynn:  Do not have emotional meltdowns, Lisette.

Lisette:  I’ll have an emotional meltdown if I want to and you can’t stop me!

Me:  Oh boy.

That glare though!  She does not want to go to bed.

Onto the remembrance.  I spent forever writing epitaphs for all of them thinking the family could read them for the tradition but it didn’t work.  It seemed silly that Jacob had to mourn people he’d never met.

Just umm… go cry for the founding father, Jacob.  Maybe you can relate or something.

Butler Ericka has a new purpose.  Making Quinton as fat as possible by feeding him practically non-stop.

I’ve decided that both Heaven and Ella have a death wish.  Before this, they were working out and then went to woohoo in the sauna… all autonomous.  By the time I’d caught them they were uh… in the middle of it.  But they just became embarrassed.  LOL!

I thought they were down for the night but no, Griffin was hungry.

Soon followed by Lisette and Garrett.  Lisette’s wondering where he’s going with his food… so was I!

Seriously?  All the way out here?

Up again for potty help.

Where are you going now?

I gave you a nice room!  The most expensive single bed!  You shun my kindness?

Thank goodness for the ghosts.  At least we can count on someone around here.  Even if they do break things.

The Epitaphs…

Thought you might enjoy reading them.  If not, skip on for the extras.

This was one of the examples!


You may have noticed that I removed Jacob’s glasses.  You know, it’s not that I hate glasses, I wear them most of the time myself.  But they look weird on most sims.  They kind of float off of their faces which makes screenshots really difficult.  Kind of like the hairstyles that hide part of the sim’s face and I have to keep trying to get an angle that looks right.  I tried every style of glasses including the CC ones.  Nothing worked.

Great minds think alike?  Maybe?  They all ran outside to woohoo in the bush at the same time.  Very strange.

She was not supposed to have twins!

Wow, Kira.  Your cousin just died and you swoop in on her widower!

Maybe Deaderpool shouldn’t have given me this kind of power?

Yes well, if he hadn’t insisted on crossing the entire house with his food and then just sitting there holding it.

I was happy to see that Cashew is a teen before his parents pass on.

Same with Brian.  I would have felt awful having made them have a kid out of curiosity over the child’s nose and then the child being orphaned!

And it is quite a nose at that.

I thought he was Trey’s only grandkid but it turns out that Frankie has a daughter Leann that I never knew about!

Chapter 5.4

Chapter notes:  

I may end up posting this a little less regularly considering that I can only play it for an hour or so at a time before I get overwhelmed by all of the kids and have to move on to another save.  This chapter was 3 or 4 play sessions.

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