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House 002 Extra Chapter

Remember the winter from hell?

At least she didn’t mind it.

And it came with the bonus of laughing at the walkers.

They all spawned for the housewarming party in one spot.  It was so creepy.

I still have no idea who the bald guy was to this day.

An awkward hug between Neo and Pillar while Febe rages on the snowman.


Umm… you can go too.

The snowman was replaced.  There was nothing for her to do once she’d gathered the collectibles.

Really though, the constant snow shoveling got old quick.

At least she wasn’t cold.

Slipping was a big problem.  It took 3 times as long to get around the area to collect.

At least she’s not shoveling.

She got the box from work.  As you may remember, it was useless.  I did figure out later in my Robinson’s save that you can put it into a “sheltered” area just to plant it then moved it outside!

This was the entire seed packet from work!

Talking on the phone in a blizzard for social.  Yep, that’s the life.

A bed and fenced enclosure for a toilet.  And the dreaded bookshelf were added finally.

The bookshelf was bugged.  It queued her to read over and over.

As long as they are in the bed while in pajamas they don’t get cold.  The moment they get out they’re cold though.

Funny snowman I noticed nearby.

Talking to father winter.

The night on the town family meal.

And meeting that guy who I’d cut the hair of that ended up being an adult and stalked her the rest of the time.

Nice eyebrows dude.

I very briefly considered the mixologist.

Standing inside the table talking.

Speaking of stalking.  Waiting to meet the bartenders at the Spice Festival.

I remember when I saw Oscar I was absolutely smitten with him.  It broke my heart that he was evil.  All’s well that ends well though.  Blenny is dating his much younger brother and I later learned that Oscar here had a daughter at this time.

A beauty it was not.  Also, unnecessary.

See?  She had enough money for all of this!

Aren’t you cold?

Sadly, meeting him was pointless.  The only marry a service sim part of this house is what makes it so difficult.

Since she couldn’t garden her first 4 or 5 skill points were from books… although at this point she could have gotten planter boxes.  I swear I was so frustrated and scattered.  20/20 and all that.

It was so nice in Oasis Springs.  I think this was Drifter Day.

It was also the day I decided to give her Oberon and adopt for her family… and met Justin!

He was obsessed with reading from the start.

What do you think Oberon?  Is he the one?  I’m so glad Blenny took him right away.

Random person getting burned by fireworks.

Found him over here sleeping.  He’d probably been chasing down a family member.

Von Haunte decorated for Love Day.

Getting everyone up there and staying up there took hours.

And all of them using umbrellas made for some funny moments.

At least it’s not snowing.

And then Blenny was there to hog up most of each chapter’s screenshots.

I just couldn’t bear to throw any away.

Cricket sick.

I saw so much weirdness when she was out with Oberon.

Here’s when I decided that the giant half-wall had to go.

Pillar belly.

When she went over to Pillar’s house to get eaten by their cowplant I saw this and almost cried.

Oberon inspecting every new item sure did make the house pics more entertaining.

The food stands can be a nuisance.  There is not one garbage can in this neighborhood.

I was so happy when the upstairs floorplan was finished.

The million plants everywhere cracked me up.

The sales table led to some funny moments.  It was hard not taking a bunch of pics.

Until they got the radio when the family showed up for parties they just stood there.

I had to have Cricket call them one by one into the house.

First time I got to see Tetra and Tang.

Back to the sales table after the party.

I saw that lady in the background and thought wow she kinda matches in that getup.

And then she walked by the house again the next day.

And again.

Talk about mixed emotions.  All from a single hike!

Floof randomly standing by the house one day.

Pretty funny that little space where I hid things ended up being my favorite little laundry niche later!

They danced so much.

These women really like their cats.

That dog had to have been bread that way because I’d not added any new ones myself in quite awhile.

Bee was constantly at the door.

I don’t know?  I think Oberon wanted attention.

The second time around, winter was far more entertaining.

Especially the market table!

So funny!

Blenny aged up with the same hair her mom and aunt have!  Her face shape is the same as well and until I gave her different hair I thought she was identical.  After that, I saw that most of her features were a lot like Justin’s.

I kept finding them all just standing outside later and it was freezing!

The day of Guppy’s birthday one of the staff died right after they got there.

I think it was a waitress and this was the new one.  Anyway, I couldn’t find Wrasse anywhere and at first thought, she wasn’t there at all and found her out here talking.

Little kid: Can I touch your sythe?

Guppy aged up with this horrible CC hair which I really need to remove.

First, I noticed the kid’s bowtie outfit.  Then, I noticed his mom who is the one that was hugely pregnant at Cricket’s market table that one day.

I was trying to get Blenny and Guppy outside for their selfie together since the restaurant was packed.  This was too cool not to take a pic of.

See?  Told ya I saw so many funny sims while they were out walking or jogging.


I found this in household inventory one day.  It’s been really helpful since I don’t have to go to the graveyard to release the neighborhood ghosts or collect urns.  Thanks, Bella Middleton… whoever you were.

Why do my sims love bathrooms so much?

See?  That DJ guy stalked her until most likely the day he died.

Good thing she likes cowplants.

Chomp chomp!

Geeze Justin!

This random teen walked into their house and just stood there!

The funny red dog again.

She dropped dough on her foot while cooking!

I think he’s trying to scare them with his horrible taste in accessories.

See?  She’s horrified.

He creepy walked in and then did the old man shuffle out the door.  This was only a few days before Blenny’s birthday.

I found Oberon barking at this guy.  Nobody knew him.

Remember how he was sick?  Being eaten removed the sick moodlet temporarily.  He had the drained moodlet up to a few hours before Blenny aged up.  And that’s it, guys!  All of the stuff I had to pull out to make the chapters more bearable.

Chapter 003.1

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