TS4→ Drifter Reboot 003.1: Love in All the Wrong Places

House 003 Chapter 1

End of summer/start of fall

Ah, here we are.  The great outdoors.  Due to waiting until evening for her birthday she was exhausted.  Thankfully all of her other needs were decent.

We’ve got Oberon with us from the start this time so the purchase of a bowl was imperative.

There we go!

These market stalls sure are nice.  This lady must be a robot or something.  She literally never leaves her post.

She took her first meal to Oberon so they could chat.

Fries are forgotten for a hug.

I thought lemon trees would be a great idea.  Lemons don’t sell for much but they’re in season all year.

I guess this was a housewarming party but it never popped up saying it was.

I was caught between wanting her to hang out with her family and having her care for those plants. They’re separated for that freaking aspiration.

Oh right.  That’s why we can’t have bushes anymore.

At least Oberon got lots of attention.

Sorry guys.

I’d swiped the plate of cupcakes into family inventory.

Just start fishing and the dog wants attention.

I waited to use moodlet solvers with her mom and then she ended up having like 7,000 satisfaction points unused at the end.  I decided to just use them from the start with Blenny.

If you were thinking that starting with Oberon was kinda cheaty since he can help with social and fun you’re wrong.  He takes a lot of attention when she really needed to concentrate on other things.

It was the last day of summer when the blackberries and cherries were finally harvestable.  I did a test with one of each and found that they sold for waaay more when planted.  She needed her gardening skill up anyway so it was a win-win.

Taking a break to chat with Guppy.

After planting and then selling most of the blackberries and cherries she was able to buy a cheap bed and toilet and almost make a shelter.  Time for a nap.

Ah, privacy at last.  Sort of.

Time to finish planting the rest.

It’s enclosed!  I like that free concrete but there’s really no colors I like.  This was the last day of summer.

I know you’re impressed.  I had to wait for morning to get a proper outside pic.

After some gathering, she was able to purchase a tub.  And boy did she need it!

Now that she has somewhat of a shelter she can concentrate on trying to find herself a spouse.  This guy is Haruki.

He was in a bad mood.  They ended up with a negative relationship.  She never even managed to learn his traits.  Only that he’s single and unemployed.  Also, what’s up with undressed sims in my game?

Next, she met Carl.  With those scary muscles, it’s no surprise that he’s a professional athlete.

Her needs were getting pretty bad again.  He has good traits.  The perfect guy I suppose but I decided to keep looking.

After a walk.

Guppy aged to young adult and thus a new selfie was needed.  They look fine here but the in-game pics were super dark.  I kept messing with the lighting but finally gave up.  Of course, they were all so cute I couldn’t delete them.

Look!  A fridge.

What the?  Why has she decided that she needs to eat on the bench when she’s eaten standing or sitting on her bed fine before this?

I noticed that the lemons also sell for more after being planted.  This was the easiest way to make simoleans at this point.

I spent a lot of time just following Oberon on his adventures.

Another candidate?

His name is Ismail and I have no idea why she suddenly acted embarrassed.  He has no job but good traits.

But then I noticed the guy sitting next to her.

His name is Tristen.  Not even close to the ideal traits… squeamish, klepto, unflirty.  He does have a job though in public relations.

I was unsure about Tristen’s traits.  There was something about him that made him appealing regardless but better safe than sorry.  She met Devante next.  Great traits, employed, and confident enough to wear short shorts in public.

Both of them stayed for quite a while chatting.

Until finally I couldn’t ignore her hunger any longer.  This poor mohawk teen.

Oberon: Is that pizza?

She did manage to get some stuff done that day.  We now have a separate bathroom, a kitchen counter, and the bed has been moved off of the wall.

She’s barely fished so I thought it was a good idea.

And then Tristen showed up.  He’s so cute!

You’re going to think I’m insane.  I decided to try to get her together with the guy with the worst traits.  I thought since he’s unflirty it would probably be good to get their friendship up really high.

This was the weirdest thing ever.  Talk about switched places.  He tried to hug her and she refused!

Oh, yea!  Looks like he’s a winner for sure.

Proposing a crazy scheme?  She looks scary!

Then he countered with a story.

Guys, he stole the poop.  Yes, he went outside and stole the pet poop.  Yea, we got a winner here.

He came back in and talked for a few minutes before saying it was time to leave.

The bench again??

I had her leash Oberon and drag him around to all of the collection spots since he wanted a walk.

And then, partway through her rounds, it popped up that there was another housewarming party!  What the?

This time Ismail was invited.  They barely have any relationship at all so it made no sense at the time.

The fridge door got stuck open.  I noticed later that it had closed.

She was exhausted.  Ismail seemed really eager to impress her for some reason.

This time, she did say hi to everyone.

Oh yikes!  I think Tristen was really upset that he hadn’t been invited!  And wow look at him in that suit!

Finally got a useable selfie with Guppy.

Elder Cricket.  cry

This house really isn’t made for this number of sims!

Which is probably why so many stood outside.

Looks like Wrasse just shared a secret with Tang and she’s not happy about it!  Wonder what that’s about?  I mean, I can guess because I’ve played so far ahead but you… you can wonder.  Woooo foreshadowing.

Why is Guppy acting weird?  Woooo foreshadowing.  Okay, I’ll stop.  Mwahaha cough Sorry.

And then they finally left and she was able to tend to her plants.  Look!  The lemon trees grew!

Oberon wanted to play catch.  I don’t remember him ever asking to play before.

He must have run over here to see someone but they left.  Blenny had to call him home.

He found someone soon after though.  Wrasse and Bubbles!  What’s Wrasse doing out here in the middle of the night?  cough  Anyway, that’s it for today’s chapter.  I’ve played through all the rest of fall and a little of winter already so expect the next soon.


Remember the puppy named Dog?

He was Ducky’s brother.  *cry*

Remember this guy, Oscar?  A bartender when Cricket was looking for someone?  I was totally into him until she discovered he’s evil.  He was the much older brother of Tristen.  No wonder Tristen appealed to me so much!

When I first saw him he totally took my breath away.  It’s really no surprise that his brother is just as handsome.

Chapter 003.2

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