TS4→ Drifter Reboot 003.2: Slow and Steady

House 003 Chapter 2

Ah, the monotony of gathering every morning.

She was way back there by that leaf pile when I noticed Tristen looking miserable.

He seemed to cheer instantly when Blenny ran over.

Hold on there buddy.  No moving in until we are sure y’all are romantically compatible.  I’ve seen Drifters move in potential spouses only to discover that they only get along as friends and end up having to look for someone else.  Meanwhile, the other sim is stuck in the household per the rules!

They were soon joined by this nice guy named Anas.  What an unfortunate name.

Blenny had to use the bathroom or something after Anas wandered off and Tristen decided to show his usefulness around the house.

Such a sweetie.

Poor Blenny.  I push her so hard.

I didn’t realize that she never drank the sleep replacement!

She fished for some fertilizer.

Freakin’ bench!

A chair was purchased.

Planting before selling again.

I let her actually sleep.  That gnome popped up just like that!

Then they popped up over here like they were seeking attention.

She had to slide to the other side of the bed to get up.

I’ve only managed to get these rabbit hole outings to work once before.  Ironically, I’m pretty sure it was the last time I did house 003.

Her gifts angered two out of the three.

I really wanted them happy for the seed packets!

Sorry Blenny.  It’s for a good cause.

Onto her chores.

This is where they stayed.

Wait, I gave you a chair!

She was soon joined by this blonde guy and then her parents.  I later found that this guy lived with Tristen and they were childhood buds.  Was he keeping an eye on Blenny?  Mom looks all fancy in her work uniform.


Wait, that’s it?  No moodlet?  Disappointing.

She invited Tristen over after the concert and he immediately swiped Oberon’s bowl!  I was just relieved he’d left the pictures on the wall.

Oberon definitely gives his seal of approval.  The frogs are there because she’s been using them as bait and I was afraid she’d use them all and not be able to breed more.


Let’s do this thing!  Okay so, I forgot that I’d added the autonomy mods back in.  I only personally had her compliment appearance and flirt a few times.  She immediately started in on what I consider higher ranked romance interactions.

Slow down girlie!


What happened to going slow?

OMG!  He stole the new bowl!

Umm… okay then.

I guess just go fish.

He must have been getting ready to leave for work when I queued up interactions with them.  As you can see, the chair works outside.

Wow!  And there are see packets everywhere!

Yes, I left the poop there to see if he’d steal it.  I know I’m weird.

I’m tired of waiting.  Their romance bar was really high at this point.

He took it from there!

Seriously though, he never acted like the unflirty sims I’ve pursued before.  Plus their romance and friendship bars were maxed.

She wanted to make out.  They sat there like this instead.  I have no idea why he always looks shadowed sitting there.  I even tried putting lights around them.

Guess who moved in?

What could confetti suddenly bursting through the wall mean?

Pregnant!  Ugh.  I changed my pregnancy mod to a slightly bigger belly version.  I regret it already.

Since it’s almost winter I had her open all of the fall and winter seed packets looking for ones that are fall/winter and just winter.  I’d lined them up and Tristen came out and planted them.

Then it was night on the town.

Blenny announced her pregnancy.  As if it wasn’t glaringly obvious from the already gigantic belly.

And then she quickly told the story of how they met.  “I was sitting on a bench talking to Ismael. looks around nervously Of course, I wasn’t interested!  Anyway, Tristen sat down drinking cocoa and started talking too… and the rest is history!  Let’s eat!”

It was hard deciding which 6 family members to invite.  I figured it was best to invite the older ones… other than Guppy of course.

I used MC Control to make all of them introduce themselves to Tristen.  I hate it that sometimes a couple can be together their whole lives and the uncontrolled sim may never “know” their family!

Ah, siblings.

So funny!

Now that she has the family’s seal of approval.  I almost forgot about his unflirty trait and had her propose there.  Yikes, that may have backfired.

They stayed there a long time chatting.  Tristen and Ant got along great.

Back home more plant tending.


Might as well make the dog happy while he naps.

Umm… could you not research the plants instead of helping with them?

Spooky Day!  Don’t they look cute?  Oh and as you can see back there Oberon got a fancy bowl this time.  I was surprised to see that Tristen didn’t have the ones he’d swiped in his inventory!

I love the trick or treat candy bowl!

Awe, Marcus is an elder now too.

Umm… maybe he didn’t see you?

Their Spooky Day has mischief spirit.

A momentary break in the fun to propose.

I never manage to pause in time for this part!  Such a sweet kiss and as far as I know this is the only interaction where they do it.

Tristen: Hey how ’bout we go celebrate?

I didn’t bother with the costumes again.  Mom came knocking at the door.

Those plants Tristen ignored still needed tending.

There’s Oberon asking to fetch again.

Then Guppy showed up.

And the trick or treaters arrived!

Did he dress up as a girl?!

I noticed that Tristen’s nephew Derrick was there so Blenny called him in so she could meet him.

Tristen seemed happy to see him.  He has a bright orange afro.  So funny.

Pulling out the weed machine for one plant?  Must be getting gardening tips from Jonny in Onyeka’s Manners Please story.

And the house starts to actually take shape.  I was too excited about it to hold on to the pics for the next chapter!


While chatting with Tristen and Anas it popped up that there was a toddler joining the conversation for like a minute.  I looked around and didn’t see one.  So weird!

Odd thought bubble for flirting.

See?  Oscar was his brother.  As you can see, their parents were missing.  I’ll leave the description of how I added them back to his family tree for the extras chapter.

I was in total shock!

I never saw the notifications for Tang and Tetra but they aged up as well.


I’d been giggling at this lady’s outfit and then she randomly jumped up and dip kissed her date.

I built around the current house.  It cracked me up seeing it like this so you know I had to take a pic!

There we go!  As per usual, things are just wherever until they have more simoleans.  I’ve actually already built the house shell once in a test save because I wasn’t sure how well it would fit the lot and I wanted to figure out how to do the front bit… and the back but that won’t be until way later.  I’ll leave you in suspense.  LOL!

Chapter 003.3

Chapter notes:

As you can probably tell, I’m having a lot of fun with this one and it’s been hard trying to force myself not to play it so that I’m not really far ahead.

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