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Generation 5 Chapter 4
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The butler drama continues.  Someone told me that I can tell her to sleep.  What does she do?  Goes outside and naps in the hot tub!  And yes… I did change all her clothes to her uniform for laughs.

Thankfully, we have cuteness to distract us.

I was bored.

She looks so proud.

I wasn’t playing at the time that this was a thing so I had no clue what would happen.

So that was quite the shock!  I can’t move it either.  It like comes apart.  So, if she goes in that does she become a plant sim?

Distraction over I noticed the butler moping some more.  I took a look at her moodlets and she was lonely.

I had Brynn chat with her for a bit.

Then I had her walk her into her room and ask her to sleep.  She didn’t.  She just stood there.  sigh  Having her around is like having another child.

I took away the butler’s baby privileges because she was overfeeding poor Quinton.

I’m trying to get her skill up but I swear I keep having to stop her to do other things.

Like age up Quinton!

They’re everywhere!

Lisette wasn’t very impressed with another brother.  Here we go again.

It’s ghost caregiver time.

I thought maybe we could make some use of her since she refused to sleep.

I noticed the gigantic sparkly bean tree thing while checking the cowplant.  It’s so HUGE!

Silly Quinton.  The boys all seem to love this jungle gym.

Kenzie is very helpful this night.

Ghost watch is over.  Dad’s up.

So cute!

I saw her and thought wow Lisette is really annoying her isn’t she but then thought naw…


I’ve seen the moodlet several times after that.  It goes away really quickly.

Why are you facing the wall to get a flower gift goofball?

I almost lost it!  They paid §60 to have her cook because I realized they’re almost out of food and what does she make?  Chips and salsa!

Heaven is worrying me.  She’s eaten the cowplant cake again and then I found her just sitting here.

Go spend time with your grandson.

The flowers are never worth much.  I tried once having her get very inspired and they were worth a lot but I just don’t have time to mess with that.  I suppose I could put inspiring lamps out there.

A pic of the flowers.

And a pic of the cuteness waiting for her to finish.

Grandma will give you a bath instead, Griffin.

They look so alike already.

Okay, so I decided that having the butler cook is useless so I had one of them hire a caterer.  Brynn, who had been sleeping, pops out of bed in the caterer uniform!!!

I thought maybe she’d robotically go downstairs and start cooking but she went into the nursery and tucked in Lisette.

Then went outside to talk to Trey.  Ugh, just go back to bed.

Quinton and Garrett having a chat.

I’d stopped playing for a few days and when I started up again I noticed most of the toddlers were hungry.  I went to grab food from the fridge but there was none.  So, I had Garrett ask Nova for food.

She’d nodded like she would give him some but nothing happened so I had to wake up Brynn… again.

Quinton had asked Moose for food as well with no result.  Suddenly, both Nova and Moose showed up with food bowls.  Weird.

Might as well wake dad up too.

After going potty, Quinton ran out to grab the crackers Moose had brought out for him and I saw Nova eating them!  Thankfully, since it was queued she stopped and he grabbed them.

Finally, all of the toddlers were fed and Brynn had enough time to cook.

Are you really surprised she got fired?

Once again.  Brynn popped up in the caterer outfit!  This time it was her that had called to hire one!

This is not what I was expecting when I hired a nanny.

Darnit we lost a potty training opportunity.  Usually, I’m so good about that but I was about to lose my mind with their hunger need being so low.

Bless his heart the scary looking nanny not only cleaned up all of the dirty plates but also cooked!

Time to make good use of him.

Apparently, it was flash card hour.

Once again, we have a new maid.  He didn’t do much but there really wasn’t much to do after the nanny cleaned the kitchen.  He has an Italian sounding name which goes well with that little mustache I think.

It was Love Day and also Brynn had to gift a harvestable for work.  Two birds with one orchid.

Awe!  Then, he had to run out the door for work.

Ella was supposed to be playing dolls with Lisette not grabbing tea.

I thought maybe we can finally get her skill up more now with the nanny here… and he announced it’s time for him to leave!

Again, everyone was starting to get a little hungry and again, there wasn’t any food!  I decided to send Brynn off of the lot temporarily so that we could hopefully hire an actual caterer.

Nanny Mehdi!  He’s a multi-talented dude.

The plan was to have both Heaven and Ella use up their many vacation days for full pay but sadly I kept forgetting and just had them retire.

He was doing so well and then he wandered out here to paint.  I reset him and he walked back in to cook, thankfully.

I finally started to feel a little better.  Lots of food in the fridge and everyone’s needs were decent.

Now I can enjoy the cuteness.

Brynn had been tense all day because she hadn’t fulfilled her resolution to complete an aspiration milestone.  Her aspiration milestone required her to get married.  Jacob came home from work super tense as well.  A sauna visit was in order.  I suppose he was trying to be funny with that getup?

Awe there we go!

Guess he wasn’t expecting that.

Apparently, they needed to dress to elope.

Jacob was exhausted and stumbled off to bed while Brynn went outside to feed Cowbella… our first female-named cowplant.  Garrett was playing in the plants.  Such cuteness.

Everyone else was sleeping.  I agree with Garrett.  So peaceful.  Not too much longer until the triplet’s birthday!


Random sighting of Nico walking their dog.

Remember how I was confused about who Trey’s other grandchild was?  Here she is!

So funny!

I married Shayna to that cute mixologist that the vampire host bit.

Nova’s oldest grandchild aged to teen.

As did Ace and Gulliver’s adopted daughter Joselyn.

And Isabeau and Lucas’s twins are now toddlers.

She hated kids!  I suppose we got what we paid for.

Looks like Justin is as into this whole “big family” thing as Brynn is.

Chapter 5.5

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