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House 003 Chapter 3

Most of the winter

Okay!  Finally, no more “foreshadowing.”  Let’s do this.  Wrasse got pregnant by a guy she met when she was still a teen that turned out to be married!  Meanwhile, Guppy had married Ismail so they invited Wrasse to live with them and they’d help her raise the baby.

Tang married that guy, Haruki, that Blenny had met when he was in a bad mood.  Turns out he’s a great guy.  But, that left no room in the house with both twins there for kids…

Which worked out since Wrasse had moved in with Guppy leaving space in Bee’s house for Tetra and her new husband Carl, who you may remember Blenny meeting as well.

(house pic!!!)

Enough family drama.  In case you forgot, since I just popped it at the end of the last chapter, they’ve got an actual house now!

This space just looks cavernous.

I don’t think they mind.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain about him not helping since she needs the skill.

Although, it might be nice to have help through her pregnancy.

It’s winter so of course, we need some sort of holiday decor.  I decided to just have them do a private wedding since he’s not much into the whole public shows of affection thing…

Let’s go!  Time for the reception!

Not really much of a reception but it was nice seeing everyone.

On the way to Sylvan Glade, Blenny got to meet little Boris.

I really like Ismail.  I had him shipped with Guppy from the day he showed up to the housewarming party with the rest of the family.

She ran around and grabbed the frogs first.  This place is so beautiful.

Yep.  That means you’re going to be eaten by that bugger sometime in the future.

Two moodlet solvers later… it’s go time!

Oberon was very excited!

It’s a girl!  Welcome to drifting Joule Rover!  She’s our heir and will move on to house 004 to become a scientist.  Thus, all of this generation’s names are science-based.

Blenny: Look isn’t she adorable

Joule: OMG Just put me down and change my diaper!

Kinda late for the panicking, Tristen.

Finally remembered their selfie for the wall.

Almost every fish had lowered in quality by the time she got home but she managed to fertilize a little.

Then, it was back to Sylvan Glade.  After a quick treat for Boris!

Good to see that Guppy never changes eh?

I didn’t keep her here long and this was the only new fish so the only pic.  I wanted to make sure she got home before the plants become harvestable because if you’re not on the lot they won’t.

A sweet welcome home.

Oberon’s wondering when he can play with the baby too.

Now he’s wondering when she’s going to change that stinky diaper.  Oh and look… a table.

I was holding my breath.  Would he figure it out or wander away?  He figured it out!  Another great dad!

The cowplant was planted and so began Tristen’s obsession with it.

I don’t think Blenny likes dad’s joke.

Meet your granddaughter!

Blenny: Must be nice to sleep.

Oberon wants right in on the action.  Time for a Tristen, Joule, Oberon montage…

That was fun!  If you look in the background you can see how stuff changed.  Blenny must have been fishing… for like a day.  Don’t ask me why I like these couches but I do.  They match… sorta.

Oberon really wants that baby.

Yes.  That’s a tree.  Well done.

Manual labor, what a nice Winterfest present!

C’mon Blenny, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

It takes them so long to decorate the tree.  This time I was like just throw a skirt down and a garland and call it done.

Surprise!  It was also Joule’s birthday!  Poor Oberon, the baby is finally able to be played with and he slept through it.

I was hoping they’d have enough money to move the bedrooms upstairs but all I could do was this.  I had to do quite a bit of shuffling those roofs, which you may notice are the ones from when it was one story.

Talking to the cowplant baby again eh?  Well, stop it!  It’s party time!

This cat is Boomer.  Not sure if we’ve met him before.  I really wish I could see the pet family trees without that mod.

I love having the pets come to the parties!

I don’t think you’ve met Kodey either.  He’s the one that was the first adorable puppy.

I feel like the different hairstyles has made it much easier to tell Tetra and Tang apart.  Tetra is the athletic one and thus has the “ready to workout” ponytail and is married to muscular Carl…

And Tang has the braid…

And is married to geeking looking Haruki who, incidentally is the athletic one while Carl is the geek.  But, we’ll judge the book by its cover to help remember who is who shall we?

So much cuteness!

Ant: Is this turkey?  I can’t tell.  It’s kinda white and slimy looking but now I’m afraid to swallow.

Dad!  It’s not bedtime yet!

Father Winter is here!

Now I’m going to have to wake both of them up!

Plus, Joule was hungry.  I love this little seating area.

Well, Tristen might not have been happy but I was!  That’s one less fish we need for Blenny’s aspiration!

Through the whole party, sims would walk over and act all sneaky with presents.  It was so funny.

Isn’t it glorious?  And look, it matches the sofa!

Now, you may go to bed.

You would have thought he’d have gotten enough attention with everyone there all day!

The gen 4 kids so far:

Joule: A unit of energy.

Ether: Liquid that is highly flammable.

Atom: The basic unit of a chemical element.

Ion: An atom or molecule with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons.

Chapter 003.4

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