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House 003 Chapter 4

The rest of winter

Tristen’s having his adult birthday already…

He’d been partway through his young adult stage when they met.  A downside of marrying sims already in the save although I wouldn’t give him up for anything!

I love this little family.

We were having some kind of issue with this bathtub.  She couldn’t bathe Joule in it!

Exasperated, I had to buy another.  Oberon wants in on the action.

He’s soon distracted by dad.

Better show her again how the potty works so we don’t have this problem next time.

Grandma came to visit and was greeted by Oberon.

She mostly played with Oberon and talked to the plants out back.  I have no idea why these are the only pics I took.

Remember how I’d sworn I’d keep the other kids on track with their birthdays?  It was time for little Atom to age up first.

Technically, Ether should have aged up the day that Joule did.  And look!  Bruno has aged up as well!  He was afraid of the radio I think.

Got to see him not long after when Ismail was walking him.

Immediately followed by Pillar with Kodey.

Back to fishing.

Someone should have been sleeping.  Can’t get upset when you see this cuteness though, of course.

Might as well take the opportunity to potty train.

And then the beds in there annoyed me so much I decided to do the upstairs walls now that they had some money.  It’s actually a completely different layout than originally planned because I moved the stairs.  I’m thrilled with this layout though.

That archway there will be another little niche like the one in house 002.

Entertaining while she eats.

Then playtime.  Gotta get all those needs up ya know.

And then… crash.  It was completely unexpected and I was so sad I hadn’t gotten more pics when she was here last.

That put a damper on the whole mood.

Thankfully, Joule was still tired.

I found Tristen outside, yet again, talking to the cowbaby.

But he was soon up there distracting Blenny.

Nothing like a bit of sad fishing eh?

Let’s cheer her up!  Ion has aged to toddler as well so let’s have them all meet and have a playdate!

Ismail brought Ether.  It’s anyone from the household… I think?

Joule woke up and looked suspicious of all these kids.  Oberon was begging for food although he looks like he’s being abused!

One by one all of them grabbed a plate.  So glad I had Blenny cook first!  Here’s the lineup:  Joule, Ion, Ether, and Atom.

Ether’s like stranger danger!

Did I mention only the dads showed up?

This family loves dancing.

Dad’s home!

And then forgotten.

But he loves dancing too.

So much cuteness.

I’m realizing now that I took a lot of screenshots.  Can you blame me?

The kiddos left and after a trip to the potty, Joule was back in bed.  Time for Oberon’s nightly jog!

Where we passed by Haruki walking Kodey.

After spending the rest of the night fishing, it’s time to tend the garden.

And wake up the cuteness so she can eat.

Dad already trying to convince Joule that nobody will be good enough for her to marry.  LOL!

This time is was Marcus walking Kodey and Guppy walking Boris.  What a pic!  I’m surprised I caught them passing each other.

And then, moments later we learned that Marcus’s twin, Bee’s husband, died!

Scrub-a-dub-dub cuteness in the tub!

Daddy hugs.

Since tomorrow is spring she opened the spring packets from the gnomes and also bought some herself so she’d have some more plants other than the lemon trees.

Grandpa’s here!

And look who’s grown up!  At first, I thought to leave him there and build a fence but there are only 2 squares there one of which we can’t fence in because Sims 4 is weird and won’t let us build on the edges of the lots.

Time for the naming ceremony!


Our first of the 5 required essences although I’d like to try to get them all… except life essence of course.  I named him Boviniferous II.  My son came up for that name for one of my Ash Shore families.  Incidentally, I lost that cowplant rebuilding their house.

Best go take a shower, Tristen.  I noticed there’s a way to lock the gate for a certain sim so I locked it only for him.  I don’t know if this is a new in-game feature or I have a mod I don’t remember getting.

Grandpa entertained Joule while mom messed with the garden more.

Remember that blonde guy that Blenny sat chatting with that I said was childhood buds with Tristen?  That’s him in the goofy hat and boots.

New Year’s Eve means lots of horns and such.

Then, after Justin left, Tetra popped in.

A teeny tiny TV was purchased to watch the countdown.  How can they even see that?

I suppose a kiss would have made him uncomfortable with Tetra still there… why was she still there?  She immediately left after this.

I’ve never seen a toddler get startled like this when I had someone wake them up!

Poor girl keeps having to be woken up to eat.

Since dad had everything under control it was time to make Oberon happy.  Look, it’s that blinged out elder vampire.  He’s probably disappointed they’re all awake.


I’ve been agonizing over whether they should have another child.  I spent at least an hour figuring up the numbers if each of the rest of the family has one kid next generation how many will that be, etc.  Anyway, I decided to look at the family tree and had quite a shock!

Who the heck is that baby?!

When I matched them up, Ismail had no children.  So I can only assume MCCC had gotten the mother pregnant like that same day.

It took me forever looking through notifications because I was trying to place it in the timeline as well as figure out her birthday.

So, meet Isomer Shang, our newest and unexpected addition.

I’d be upset but look at the cuteness!  I’ll have the full “story” in the next chapter.  This chapter was getting too long and I had to pull that whole part out of this one.  Don’t feel bad for the mother.  She had twins with her husband a day or two after this.

Chapter 003.5

Chapter notes:

I made a chart for when all of the kiddos are supposed to age up in relation to Joule’s birthday.  Since she’ll be an only child I really want them to all grow up together.

I discovered today that I can edit the screenshots in Flickr before adding them to the chapter so I lightened a few up a bit but looking through the chapter I don’t really notice the difference.  Let me know if they’re still too dark and I’ll try to figure out the best settings to fix them.

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