TS4→ Drifter Reboot 003.5: Party Time!

House 003 Chapter 5

Most of spring

What a way to start out spring.  With a cake!

I love this enclosure!

Good morning little.

Guess what?  It’s Drifter Day!  Here we have Drifter I house 003 heir talking to his son heir of house 004.  Wade and Brent… I think?

And the Drifter II house 004 heir Tesla.

I get the feeling Tetra doesn’t want to be home.  Although, I don’t mind seeing Bubbles!

I had been waiting for them to get going on the celebrations but Joule was still really tired then I remembered that their needs go up in daycare.

Time to go guys!

Ugh, right before they left Ant’s wife, Goby’s mom died.

A late lunch first then graveyard since both Blenny and Tristen were hungry.

Only a few elders left.  sadface

Goby’s baby is coming along.  Then, I realized I’d forgotten to add her new hubby to the club!

Guppy and Ismail announced for those that didn’t know already, that they have a new daughter.  Turns out Ismail had a little fling with a girl right after high school before he met Guppy and discovered she’d had his baby.  She showed up at their door hugely pregnant with twins passing over their daughter saying her new husband didn’t want to care for some other guy’s kid and she couldn’t handle her with twins on the way.  Her loss… our gain.

Off to the graveyard…

Founder’s race?

Febe was being annoying as-per-usual.

There’s Goby’s new husband, Erich.

Bee sharing memories.

I swear I remember Febe being a nice sim.  I keep trying to have my sims calm her down but it doesn’t seem to work.

Someone must have kissed and upset Tristen’s delicate sensibilities.

Hey!  Where’d you get that tablet?  Blenny’s not mad at him.  Febe was just insulting her.

She started trying to be mean to everyone so I thought it was best to get her home to calm down.

I was surprised her needs weren’t better considering she’d been at daycare most of the day.  Mom plopped her on the potty and went to journal.  I was afraid she’d be mean to Joule as well.

Although, Joule ended up being mean herself.

Look at the flashcards not the dog.

Joule in bed but the night’s just starting for mom.  Her not sleeping is how I’m managing all of this other stuff with family without losing the challenge.  Ya know, you wouldn’t be so tired if you didn’t insist on walking all over with that thing before drinking it!

Since both of them had the drained moodlet, Boviniferous had to eat packaged meat that morning.

The last of gen 4 is born!  Quark is probably my favorite name even if it is kinda… quirky!

Joule was sleeping all morning hence no pics until Tristen returned from work.  He does not seem pleased when I tell him to get into the cowplant’s enclosure.

But he does it anyway.  What’s the big deal?  You were already filthy and uncomfortable.

Justin’s here!

After having so few pics of Cricket in her last days I’m of course taking advantage of his visit.

I can now say without a doubt that the new Bienchen high chair mod really works.

They sit there happily chatting and finally it feels like they work as intended.  The only drawback I can see is if there were only an uncontrolled parent and an uncontrolled toddler home.  I suppose I’d have to cheat.

Tristen and Justin have a really high relationship which is pretty cool.

Her face looks like she’s miming fish but I suppose she just really doesn’t like broccoli.

Out for another jog and we pass by Carl walking Bubbles.

And then Kodey running free!

That took a really long time.

Let’s celebrate with some cake!

This is the face of instant regret.

I realized that Joule has never used this jungle gym we got as a playdate reward so mom brought her out to pretend spaceport.

Have you ever really looked at this?  It’s very detailed.

Now that she noticed it she used it some more… that day.

Hell yea!  Her fishing was at 9 at this point too.

Joule lost interest in the jungle gym… what to do?

How about another play date to meet Isomer?

C’mon kiddos.

It was all dads again.

Ether made her way out to chat with Joule right away.

Awe, Oberon isn’t scary.  Atom’s just used to tiny Bubbles.

It’s okay, Oberon.  He’ll see you’re not scary when he gets bigger I’m sure.

He’s soon distracted by grilled cheese.

As are the others.

That was unexpected.

The only pic I got with them all in it.

Isomer was welcomed into the crew.

And Ion proved that he’s not afraid of Oberon.  His dog Kodey is a big dog too.

Awe, Pillar’s husband, Tetra, and Tang’s dad died.

On a happier note, Blenny maxed fishing!

With this, we can build a park.  But I wasn’t in the mood.  I’d spent over an hour on the house before the toddler party.

Time flies.  Quark’s now a toddler!  I took a look at Erich’s moodlets to see why the face and he had an angry voodoo one from the lot trait.

It’s also Joule’s birthday.  Time to stock up on food.

Tristen: Don’t look, baby, you don’t need to see this if she catches the wrong ends of the knives.

Party time!

The pets know how it is.

Umm… guys?


Anyone who doesn’t know this family may wonder why I have so much seating for a family of four.  Now you can see!

Quark meets the other small fries.  Although, it’s also Ether’s birthday so I suppose she’s not so small.

Panoramic view.  Left…

And right.

I didn’t roll this time.

How’d you get over there???  They are still back there throwing confetti and cheering for you!

Time for round two while everyone’s still gathered.

Yikes Erich watch where you swing that child!

Freaking eyebrows.  I took her into CAS twice trying to fix them but it was a no-go.

You two are still playing?!  Look!  They’re really flying!

Awe, a grandma hug for Ether.

Closer look at Quark.

Why are y’all in the bedroom?

The cat was circling around him in and out of his stomach.  It was hilarious!

You know, Wrasse, there is a perfectly good cake inside.  Gluttons… what ya gonna do, eh?

Might as well take advantage of the unexpected boon.  It was an essence of flirtiness which we didn’t have and also completed the 5 required ones although, like I’ve said, I want to get them all.

These two are so funny.

Ignore the dishes.  I was slowly feeding them to the new nano can to pay myself back for it.

Kinda hard to get a good look at her with that hat.  She aged up in it and I couldn’t resist.

The pets were looking pretty tired.  I suppose it’s time to wrap this up.

The repairman came for the fridge.  I think he puts even Carl to shame in the muscle department.

I changed her out of her party wear so we could see her.

And then I had to do her bedroom.  She’d gotten the lab set for Winterfest.  I’ll add more but I ran out of money… again.

Off to the first day of school looking so proud.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the bug that brings them home from school if a household member travels and sent Blenny over to house 001 to age up Atom.  Tetra doesn’t look too happy about it.

Extra Chapter

Quark: A type of elementary particle and a fundamental constituent of matter.

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