TS4→ Drifter Reboot Extra: Then There Was a Park

Extra Bonus Chapter

I earned the park lot by maxing both the gardening and fishing skills.  As with all community lots, in the rare instances that I build one, I went through buy mode and pulled out everything I thought I wanted to use.

The problem was that when it occurred to me I’ll need to create some sort of rain shelter and decided to make a central area I had stuff all over!  So, I had to make a huge basement to put the stuff in… on the edges because of the pool.

That pool.  I made a small building and started a hex roof on it and just dragged it further and further out.  I think I made it even bigger after I took this pic.

I wanted to bring the family there for the rest of the pics.  It’s so weird seeing that on the map that’s been blank the last 2 generations.

And here it is!  It still needs work.  I realized I have different windows on the walls and a few other things I want to change but it took over 7 hours to get to this point.

Here’s another entrance view I took later.  I figure I’m not going to share this one so I can make it as goofy as I want.

If you’re familiar with my Ash Shore neighborhood rotation then you know that parks are my weakness.  I love people/sim watching.  Especially “my” sims.  Atom hugging his aunt Tang.

Ether saying hello to Oberon.

Tristen and Joule headed to the top floor right away to watch the big TV.

There’s the rest of that part.

And here’s the other side.

Mom went out to fish and was soon joined by Goby and Erich.  That minnow was actually missing from her collection.

I found Ether again out here mocking some lady that I don’t know.

Again, if you’re not familiar with Ash Shore you might not know I have a mod that draws toddlers to the park.  Hi, Isomer!

See?  The windows are different.  I think they’re both from the Get Together pack and I just got them confused.  I did them last and my wrist was killing me at that point.  I thought it was cool the gamers can be seen in the window while playing.

This cat’s name is Grim.  Another thing I like about parks.  I don’t normally get to see the cats.

We’ll just pretend there’s an invisible forcefield keeping them safe from the pool.

Awe grandma Bee playing with the kiddos.

Yay!  Boris is a water dog.  I tried to get Oberon in there with him but it was a no go.

Really though?  There are so many other things you could be doing!  I put that there for video gaming.

This is the little toddler area on the first floor so they can take naps and go potty.

I had this extra space so I plopped a dollhouse in.

Across the hall is the bathrooms.  I had this extra space here so I made it kind of a utility area.  People can throw their towels in the hampers and the cleaning supplies are there.

I made three full baths.  Two, like this one, have tubs.  The smaller one in the middle has a shower instead.

They have cabinets for the visitors to grab whatever they need.  Tubs because of dogs and toddler baths.

Looks like Joule needs the bathroom herself!  I put 4 automatic feeders in the main entrance area.  I hate that wallpaper, I need to change it.

The second floor is the gym.  Originally there were going to be 2 floors and the gym was going to be on one side and the gaming area on the other but I overestimated the size of the spaces.

Swinging with that belly churning risk of falling into the water.  Hey, we can pretend!

This guy appreciates a good fountain.

Seeing these cats standing together made me yearn for Sims 3 where the cats and dogs traveled in packs.

The hallway type area is two treadmills.  Up in the gaming area, it’s cat trees.

I almost forgot to screenshot the other areas.  Out back there’s a training area.

And a little tranquil area for those needing a bit of peace and quiet.  And that’s it!  I made this a separate bit because it would have made the next chapter gigantic and I’m not feeling very well so didn’t want to write a whole chapter anyway.

Chapter 003.6

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