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House 003 Chapter 6

End of spring all of summer

Since Boviniferous can’t hurt her, Joule is allowed in the enclosure.

Playing doctor before school.

Then mom popped over to Tang and Haruki’s house so I could age up Ion.

Then it’s off to Sylvan Glade until Tristen and Joule get home.

Awe, even Oberon is sad.

Help with homework maybe that’ll make you feel better.

She’s such a daddy’s girl.


It was Love Day but Blenny was too depressed to flirt or anything so I just had her give Tristen a flower before bed so the day wasn’t completely awful.

You’re not sad anymore.  Isn’t that better?

I’ve figured out the trick for this aspiration milestone.  Queue the parent up to read as many books as possible… over and over again.

She put one of the books down and Tristen snatched it up and read it on Joule’s bed of all places.

Guppy gets a greeting from Oberon.

Oberon: Pay attention to me!

Who could resist?

Wrasse visited next.

Then Ant came over.

Boogie down.

Dang these pets age so fast.

Meet Bubble’s daughter Tizzy.

Oberon: Where did that come from???

That, my boy, is the magic of selling the two toddler jungle gyms.  I had this enclosed pool planned out before I even started building the house.

Blenny’s upgrading everything to max her handiness skill and open Forgotten Grotto.

It was really creepy that both Oberon and Joule just kinda followed her around the bathroom while she did it though.

You brought this on yourself.  Why would you be bored because of not being in a club meeting?  The clubs meet like once a year!

Joule tells Boviniferous what a good boy he is for eating daddy.

Prank Day.  The day that the sims torture each other non-stop.

Take that!

After all that mischief perhaps it’d be a good idea to take Joule volunteering somewhere.

All that volunteering tired her out apparently.  She couldn’t even wait for mom to blow out her candles.

She looks… the same.

Oh did you think you’d get some of the birthday cake?  Well, you shouldn’t have gotten so inspired by cooking it!  Her face almost changed my mind.

Guppy: So this is what you do with your free time eh, sis?

Time for another birthday.  Isomer aged to child.

Blenny caught a sturgeon.

Oberon: Why you keep leaving me home alone?

Being able to tell them to do their homework is so nice.

Welcome, Scooter!

Everyone started showing up at the door one by one again so Blenny invited them to swim.  She doesn’t look too happy about it though.

Oberon doesn’t need a jump pad.

The sun on the water was so pretty.

He was in and out of the water shaking each time.

So cute.

Yes, you have to.  You were playful.  Rethinking that bubble bath now aren’t we?

He picked the worst possible time to go into there.

So we upgrade plumbing with a wrench and appliances with a screwdriver?  Sims really are high-tech.

Such a good girl.

Mopping up one of Oberon’s puddles.

They died at the same time.  Blenny didn’t get a call for Bee.

Is that a note of insanity in her eyes?  Wait, no.  That’s just the look of confidence.  Crazed confidence but confidence nonetheless.

Another upgrade for Scooter.

Ether came home from school with Joule.  That face was so funny.

Now you’re in here while she upgrades?

No idea.

Our future scientist.

Oh, yea that spot right there.

Oh man.  Imagine having to go to school needing to pee that bad?

I have no idea what she’s doing either, Oberon.


For a supposedly unflirty sim, Tristen is very affectionate.

They’re so funny to watch playing chess.

Yaaas!!!  We did it.  So, it’s a wrench for plumbing, a screwdriver for appliances and for this boarded up thing she needed to be so skilled to open?  A hammer!

I forgot the way in and had to have her do it three times before I got it all right.

Got a wolf eel.  Now I won’t feel like the one Tristen got for Winterfest was cheaty.

Finally caught a bass.

Blenny went home and slept then before Joule and Tristen left she visited Guppy and Erich to age up Quark who is absolutely adorable.

Then, it was back to fishing.

And home again.  It was a heat wave and Joule cooled off in the pool.  So smart.

Okay, this needs some explaining.  I needed essence of embarrassment right?  So I had Blenny take Tristen into the center area and flirt.  And when that didn’t work I had her bring other people into the conversation.  He didn’t care!  Instead, he suggested some woohoo.

In the end, it was Blenny who got embarrassed.  From performing poorly!  You did this to yourself girl.

Meanwhile, Joule and Oberon snooze away.  She goes to bed at like 7pm.  It drives me nuts.

Since Blenny has to leave the house before Tristen and Joule do she didn’t get a chance to eat before going to the Grotto and had to grill something up at the park.

It’s so cool looking in there.

Back home to cuteness.

Oh, this was so funny!  Blenny claimed to Tristen that she’s a criminal mastermind.

Again, this is your own fault for actually believing your wife and getting tense!

Oh look, Tizzy aged up!  I wanted Blenny to meet her but she couldn’t get to them.  Weird.

In the morning the cowplant was hungry again.  Blenny went outside and rudely greeted this guy Coleman.  He did nothing wrong of course beyond walking past the house first.

Oberon doesn’t know what to think!

She won?  What the?

Let’s try again.

Angry?  Bingo!

She looks way too happy about this.  Maybe because she knows she won’t have to do this much longer?  We still need someone to become dazed and then the collection will be complete.

Yea, after her mom was out in the street beating up a guy for no particular reason, it’s definitely a good idea to take her volunteering.

This was so sweet.

Her thought bubble cracked me up.  No, Joule, I’m not going to make you spend half your time gardening like your mom and grandmom.

Awe!  They have such short lives.

The family’s invading again.

Not that I mind.

You will swim in that pool!

Freaking Joule going to bed already.

No idea where Guppy came from.  Those two are always at it.

Speaking of which, Blenny and Tristen decided to leave the guests to their own devices and went upstairs to woohoo.  Maybe Blenny was trying to prove something?  If so she failed.  She was uncomfortable this time.  LOL!

Oh yea, and before they went up Tristen’s childhood bud Dillan showed up.  Quite the end to summer I think.

Chapter 003.7

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