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House 003 Chapter 7

All of fall

Didn’t I start the last chapter with her playing this?  She never once played with that dollhouse back there.

Look!!!  The utility nook is complete!

We must immediately upgrade the dryer.

Seriously, Tristen?  You threw the clothes there!  All this drama from adding one little room.

Saturday at the park…

Blenny fished the whole time.  Might as well fry one of them up.


He was uncomfortable from his last visit to the cowplant poor guy.


Everyone else is eating fish.  Ether pulls a cake out of her pocket.  I’m pretty sure that was Blenny’s birthday cake.

It was a fun day watching the kiddos play.  They went home and straight to bed.

Finally a batfish.  Sadly, it’s teenie tiny in the aquarium!

Awe.  The last of the elders.

Good news to make up for the bad.

A mud fight in an attempt to get one of the adults hit by lightning and dazed.

Turns out it was a mysterious weather day though and it soon became nice out again.

Big thanks to @MsCharley03 on Twitter for giving me this idea.

It didn’t occur to me because I hate these things so wasn’t aware there was a potential dazed moodlet.  Blenny got a happy moodlet.

Tristen wins!

Sorry, Tristen.  It’s the last one though so it’s like a celebratory cake!

Ismail just stood there.  Oberon wanted in on the action.

It is complete.  All but an essence of life and I’m not getting that one.

She really doesn’t have much to do so she took Oberon on a long walk this time but partway through she had to pee so I canceled it but she just stood there like an idiot and almost peed herself!

Last house I forgot to get a pic of the cabinets.  She’s making up a bunch of food for Joule’s birthday party the next day.

And here we are.  Boomer immediately zeroed in on the pie.

Just in time for her birthday party.

That radio back there broke and for whatever reason, it didn’t have the option for Blenny to fix it.

It popped up that it was her birthday pretty much as soon as everyone got there.

Not the first face you want to see upon aging up.  I was worried it was an omen of things to come but so far she’s been great.

Someone took a piece of cake so Ether couldn’t blow out the candles.


She aged up in those shorts.  Goby had pants just like them as partywear when she was a teen.

Why are you going upstairs to wash those?  I finally bought you a kitchen sink.

I repainted the walls in here brown.  I liked the green but it didn’t work with the rest of the place.

We finally get to meet Tizzy.

Why do they keep leashing their dogs?  Not that I can complain considering they’re there as guests from me using a mod in the first place.

Boris took a break from the chaos to have a swim.

How dare you complain about my dog being on the counter when your cat is on the counter literally in front of you?  Pet double standards.

Oberon’s appalled that she’d throw away food.

Oh good, I can stop fertilizing plants.

You know how sims get stuck under the stairs?  My new love of using them as storage areas has an unexpected perk.

Standing on the front stoop watching the cowplant over the half-wall in her PJs while eating breakfast.  Cracked me up!

Atom aged up!

Then it was back to more fishing.

Just why?

Please be happy with just playing, Oberon.

Nope. He insisted on a walk.  She got tense and stopped to complain about her problems.  I sent them home.

Harvestfest and look Ion has aged to teen as well.

Even with all the seating in the kitchen area there still isn’t enough room.  Maybe they’re all watching the big game?  Actually, I think that’s a tradition I could add.

Boomer attacked Tizzy!

Why are they both thinking about Boris?

Pets and more pets!

They’re in rare form today.

Ion is so cute!  It looks like they inherited the same nose… at least from this angle.

Sadly, Kodey is already an elder and thus needed a pup of his own.  Meet Magoo.

Same with Boris.  Meet Fidget.

I finally decided to teenify Joule’s bedroom.  This bedroom was originally created for having two children sharing it.  I had all of these big empty spaces.  I sat forever looking through buy mode trying to find something to fill some up…

She’s going to be a scientist so this works.  LOL!

Haha!  She showed up in her inside winter clothes.  A bit of a play session with Boris who was sad before heading to Sylvan Glade.

I noticed Isomer back here on the swing.  You should be in school girlie!

Caught a tilapia one of those she’s missing.

And then we had to wait forever for the others to return home from work and school so she could go home too.  I really hope they fix that bug soon.

In an effort to make her sleep schedule a little more normal since she’s started going to bed as early as 6pm, Blenny gives Joule a second wind.

Bathroom phone selfies are taken a bit too far.

This has been done for a while now I just haven’t taken a pic since nobody ever goes there.

Spooky Day!

I sent them volunteering again and Oberon was confused.

Tristen returned home sick.

I freaked that she had been cooking without supervision.

What?  How?

Guppy’s here.

At least their love of orange juice helped Tristen and his sickness.  He even went to take a nap after this.

I’m saving the many trick or treater pics for the extras chapter.

I had them stand here so I could show off this area.  This whole landing was so hard to decorate.

Tristen’s childhood bud Dillan visited again and they did the secret handshake.  I forgot I’d put that huge spider there and when I put the walls up it scared me!  And that’s it for fall.  On to winter and a few days of spring then Joule’s on her own.

Chapter 003.8

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