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House 003 Chapter 8

All of winter & 2 days of spring

A/N: This chapter has even more screenshots than is my new normal but a lot of them will be bunched together not needing text.

I get a kick out of seeing that machine in there.

I love decorating for the seasons.

Our last shot of adult Tristen.

Until now, the age difference wasn’t as apparent.

He’s quite the handsome elder.

It was skill day and I was at a loss for what to have her do to take advantage of it.  Cricket giving Blenny tips over and over didn’t seem to work well last generation.  Fishing it is!


Obviously, Tristen wasn’t fishing because he himself is squeamish then this popped up.

And thus begins the steady stream of visiting family…

It’s so funny how they all just kinda take over the house and my sims who go to bed at an ungodly hour just leave them.

I went to age up Isomer and she already was so I just had to give her a makeover.

The original plan was to go to Sylvan Glade since she was already in Willow Creek but she forgot all the fish bait so she went here after running home to get it instead.

This is it for the rest of that day, lol!

Then it was back to fishing while Joule and Tristen were gone.  She caught like 2 fish the rest were stupid boxes of snapdragons and stuff.

Joule, there aren’t any new fish.

And so the treadmill obsession begins.

Because of this.

I approve of Tristen’s new nap spot.

Let’s get this thing decorated now since it’ll take half the day.

I’d like to think she’s so impressed with that water because she’s thirsty from running on the treadmill so much.

Not you too!

Seriously Joule!  She looks crazed at this point.  That darned energized moodlet overpowered everything.

It was almost 5am and I’d had enough.  Blenny got up and told her to go to bed.  Sheesh!

I’ve found it’s easier to cook the grand meal(s) before inviting the guests since they take so long to cook.

Why are y’all crowded in there?

Everything’s blurring together.  I don’t know if anyone’s seen Magoo as an adult yet.

The cutie blonde is Quark aged to teen.

Oberon’s like why can’t I have some?

Erich: Honey you’re blocking the TV.

I later looked to see what was so interesting and the video game player was just running without anyone on it.

I think I bred Kodey with a mastiff for Magoo’s unique look.

That doesn’t make you look younger Santa, you just look ridiculous.  I wish I knew why the game is generating a new one each Winterfest.

He goes to bed during almost every party!

Everyone is obsessed with the treadmill and yet the computer sits there untouched.  So weird.

Usually, he puts presents under the tree but he never did.  He gave Blenny a grill!

Blenny put out presents and they opened them after the guests left.  Tristen got a carrot.  I think he gets the junky gifts because he has the klepto trait.

I saw that Blenny can influence her to garden.  I figured a little skill couldn’t hurt and I was sooo bored.

Oberon roams the neighborhood.  I noticed the vampire lady walking her dog.

To stave off boredom they went to the park and invited the kids.

Apparently, Tristen couldn’t wait for Blenny to finish cooking.

The New Years decor actually looks really cool.

And that’s it for the park.  The teens mostly stood in a group talking the whole time.

New Years morning.

Which means a day full of horns, noisemakers…

And drinks magicked out of thin air.

Just go garden again.

Another elder.

I have a bunch of pics of them all in these trees but I’m putting them into the bloopers chapter.

At least family visits a lot to break the monotony.

Poor Tristen is just trying to eat and they keep throwing confetti in his face.

They’re so weird.

Looks like Ismail’s staying for the countdown this year.

Poor Tristen.  First, Ismail hugged Blenny…

Then, Joule.

He got a kiss in the end.

The first day of spring, Drifter Day, and the day before Joule’s birthday.  I finally finished decorating this room.

Nobody was hungry so they went to the graveyard first.  If you look close you can see someone was haunting that gravestone.

Amazingly, Febe wasn’t angry!  It was really hard to get pics of them around the others because you could see them all through the ghosts.

Neo was haunting one of Tristen’s family gravestones that I have stuck over to the side for now.

And thus begins the absolute worst dining out experience I’ve had in Sims… ever.

The teens stood almost the whole time.

These three sat in here.

The waiter dropped food.  By then the teens that actually ate were almost done.

This table finally got their food.

But Tetra, Goby, and Wrasse still insisted on sitting in here!

Tristen was hungry.  I cheated and had him grab one of the pizzas the kids didn’t eat.  Then he gave up his table and they all left.

Why am I not surprised?  I couldn’t even have her call!

Well, at least there’s that.

Blenny looks wistful cooking up the last party meals.

I always have mixed emotions.  On one hand, I can’t wait to start the next house and on the other, I know I’ll miss the parents so much.

Although, I have to say I’m glad I’ll miss this.

Then, I noticed her parents were gone!


Oh sure, today you decide to autonomously use the pool!  Speaking of which, I’m not doing a house tour chapter.  I feel like I showed off all but a few of the rooms through this and the last few.  Here are the ones you missed which is mostly because I did them last…

And there you have it!  House 003 is done.  Blenny never did finish the fish collection sadly.  I really wanted that anglerfish for the tank.  Popping these post-makeover pics onto the end here…

Bloopers & Outtakes

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