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House 003 Extra Bonus Chapter

Does he have the power to make men remove their clothing?

I have no idea what happened but I almost died laughing at this.

Tristen moved in and thus began my obsession of trying to learn everything about him.

Including why his parents weren’t in his family tree.  I had to go back into an earlier save from when he was a child and his siblings were teens to find them.

I went into a save from when Blenny met Oscar and was shocked to see he’d had a child already!  That generation would have been much different if she’d married him.

You can see I was a bit obsessed.  I can’t actually remember why I kept going back in time.  I think I was looking for a save his father was alive.

I couldn’t resist taking a pic of him.

Found them pre-Tristen!

Sorry, Tristen just fixing your family tree.

Just walk away and don’t look back Blenny.

I literally only use these clubs on Drifter Day to go to the graveyard together and have their meal so they can all sit together.  There’s also a child’s club.

Tristen’s nephew was still wearing his Spooky Day costume when he married!

This was hilarious!

Ah, wedded bliss.

Adding the second floor was tricky since I’d already made the proper roofs but just needed to move three of them up a floor.

Don’t mind me fishing in my slippers.

See?  Even townies want cars!

She went cross-eyed!

Their names just made me giggle.

I left this part of the cowplant mod.  I love naming them.

That lady was so happy about that tiny fish and then look at what Blenny caught!

Random toddler standing on the sidewalk.

They changed this aspiration at some point and now the non-basegame fish count.

Bringing out the big guns for that one weed.

Ant showed up to the house and immediately took a mudbath or something.  Goby went in and started complaining to him.

He stayed in his towel (and socks) until I used MC Dresser to put him in proper clothing.

I spent almost all of their money on a nanocan reasoning that I’d make most of it back by selling the dishes from the birthday party.  I probably did but it took a really long time!

Ether and Wrasse hugging from across the room.

Wrasse digging through the trash after being eaten by the cowplant.

I claim this cake as my own!

When I went to age up Atom I found Bee in the pool.

Random dog aging up at the park.

This girl is the vampire lady’s teen daughter.  Sunglasses teen seems to like what he sees.

Love Day and Blenny was going to Sylvan Glade.  Everyone was outside!

These two are so cute.

Dude, you broke the toilet!

I was going to take a screenshot of Blenny and Joule leaving to volunteer when Oberon decided to relieve himself.

She’s at it again.  Next gen will be Ether I suppose since she got both the slob and glutton traits too.

She was drinking a potion to make her in whatever mood to get eaten by the cowplant… on the toilet.

This was so weird!  The tree was flat and pixelated!

Above view.  I had to restart the game.

She cracked me up!

From day one I’ve been trying to train out the fear of the stereo.  It finally worked.  Although, fear of fire is justified not sure why she added that one.

Tandem doggy paddles.

They just stood in there having a conversation.

Remember him from the first chapter or so?

Why does everyone beat up the stuffed animals???

Imagine aging up and immediately learning your parents died?!

I have no idea?  Maybe he was abducted.

That pregnant lady’s accessories cracked me up.

The first of the stylish teens.

And then the next one.

I left this fight out of the chapter.  It was another effort to get her dazed.  She always won the fights though!

I’m pretty sure this guy was related somehow to Atom’s dad Carl!

Seeing this lady gave me the idea to get her struck by lightning to become dazed but it stopped raining almost immediately.

That is an extremely awkward hug.

The repairman that made his way into Joule’s teen birthday pics had a blue beard!  She actually looked pretty good with that short hair.

Another awkward hug.

Those are some well-preserved noodles.

The gnomes appeared in Joule’s room.

I’d made the Harvestfest get together a dinner party and Joule baked a hamburger cake.

The seed packets were everywhere!

Another toddler wandering the streets.

Spooky Day fun…

I’m so confused by this.  The girl’s is CC.  It’s flagged as male.  I guess it’s cross-dressing for costumes?

This just randomly popped up.  Good for Amy… I guess?

This is what I saw when I went to age up Isomer but she already was!

She got this moodlet every day.  With this +4 discomfort relief bed!

You know how in my Random Legacy and Robinson’s saves I constantly have sims wander into their houses that nobody knows?  It actually happens more often than I put into their chapters because it’s gotten so out of hand.  Anyway, I found this lady playing with the cowplant.  My knee-jerk reaction was to lock her in there but I didn’t.

Then she walked into the house and started watching TV!

Blenny led her back out.  If she likes the cowplant so much she can spend some quality time with him.

You know you want to eat it.

This was Quark’s formalwear.

I have a lot of these awkward hug pics!

Taking a selfie through Atom’s torso.

Wrasse digging through the trash again.

*cough* Oh is she still there?

I’d told Blenny to take Oberon for a long walk earlier.  When I looked to make sure they weren’t around I found them just standing here talking.

I’m so evil.

Imagine coming home from school and there’s Grim playing a game.

Tristen had no idea what was happening.

And so the collection was actually fully complete.

I had to send Tristen home from the park lest he decide to work out again.

Another stylish teen.  This one’s prematurely balding poor kid.

Celebrating amongst the trees.


Tristen stood there like a goof doing this at the meal-from-hell.


Nobody knew him.  I also recognize him as one of the guys I’ve set as a possible match for the cousins but I gave him new hair so I can’t figure out which one he is.

Bills on the last day.  They didn’t have money to pay them until I sold the camera after the selfies before Joule left!

I was quite impressed.

Look at how many points she had at the end!  That’s with practically living on moodlet solvers most of her life!

Chapter 004.1

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