TS4→ The Buried Chapter 1: Belladonna’s Baby

Hugh!  That man is like a gnat bzzz bzzz bzzz in my ear all day!  I really should have released his spirit to the Netherworld.  Done us both a favor.

It is convenient that he stayed.  What a boon to have someone else to care for the infant.

I must get out of this house!

Caiden.  Nice name.  Very cute.  He’s younger.  Maybe that’s where I went wrong with Hugh.  He was older than me.  Caiden is only moonlighting to fund his music career.  Musicians are sexy.

That was fun.  Time for bed.  This one shows promise.

Midnight feeding…

Belladonna happily snoozing away…

“The baby woke me up so I’m waking you up!  How do you like it?”

“I just got to bed.”

“It’s not my problem if that infant wakes you up!  Why do you even need to sleep?  You’re a ghost!”

“Challenge accepted.”

“That should make her morning better.”

Back to sleep.

Cute repairman!  Guess Hugh’s trick backfired.  Men like women who clean right?  I hope I’m doing this mopping thing correctly.

So, sob story about deceased spouse gets me hugs.  Good to know.

Yes, I definitely one-upped Hugh with this one.  Diya’s cute.  And handy.  Hugh always paid people to fix things.  Maybe I need someone who can fix things on their own.

“Why yes I did have lots of fun back there with the repairman, thanks!”

Still like a little buzzing gnat ruining my fun.

What I need is something to drown out his incessant yammering.

That should do it.

“Who’s my good Baby?  Now you play nice with Hugh while I go on my date!”

“Oh great.  A dog.”

“Humor and Hijinks?  I thought we were going to the Romance festival.”

“Let’s take this somewhere more private.”

That should be enough to keep Hugh from disrupting my sleep tonight.


What a little pest!

“Such a good doggie!  You keep him awake all night so I can have some peace and quiet during the day!”

Oh my.  Not only is he handy with the tools but also in the kitchen!

Hugh: “I suppose this doesn’t work if they’re under the covers.”


Hugh scaring Grim after I added him back to the household.

I couldn’t find Baby until I zoomed way into these ferns.

Haunting the bucket thing was autonomous.  So was taking a nap afterwards.  Awkward.

She couldn’t bind it to Hugh!

Chapter 2 coming soon!

Credit for this amazing house goes to Gaya-ko.  It’s aptly named Modern House Basement since most of the house is underground.

Credit for Belladonna’s bedroom (the only finished bedroom was Hugh’s) goes to GemsOfChaos for Romantic Room.

Chapter notes:  No, I have no idea why he can hold something like cooking or feeding the baby and yet can’t physically open or unlock doors.  Let’s not think too much about it.  Primrose is stuck in the lower basement.  It’s just not a thing that can really be explained logically.

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