TS4→ The Buried Chapter 2: Welcome to the House of Horrors

“I don’t see why it’s my problem that you have nothing for the infant down there!”

Primrose not an infant any more so you can stop calling her that.  Now, get her what she needs!”

“Just sell me what a toddler needs.”

Toddler time!

Even ghost parents have to potty train.

Caiden arrived at the door upset about something.

How sweet of Belladonna for cheering him up.

Meanwhile in the basement…

Exhausted ghost dad.

Hugh’s complaints about Belladonna’s boy toy hanging out around the house just ends up embarrassing him.

A bit of fun with the boy toy aka Caiden.

Back at the house Primrose is awake and the toddler care begins again.

I have the feeling that TV is going to be overused by Primrose.

Thank goodness there is a full bathroom in the lower basement.

“Mommy’s little Baby.”

Caiden stopped by again.  Belladonna suggested he might as well move in.

A serenade!  How romantic!

Two floors below.

Primrose is a very defiant toddler.

He should stick to the guitar.

Who is this woman he’s speaking to?!

“Oh sure now you’re nice to me, mutt.”


This dog will not leave him alone!

I had the game paused when he was rolling in a puddle and it looked like he was dead or something.

Not really romantic seating.

He left her upstairs to take a mud bath.  I can’t blame him from wanting to escape her!

Forgot to lock the door!

Another random toddler wandering the world.

But her ghost dad raised her!

I considered having her pursue the lotto winner but he’s already married… to a guy.  So I don’t think he’d fall to her advances!  Lucky guy.

Chapter 3 coming soon!

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