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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Chaper 1

A/N: This is really wordy at the start.  Feel free to skip down.  LOL!

Okay!  It might not have seemed like it lately but I’ve had a really hard time staying interested in anything I’m playing.  The Drifter marathon is mostly because I was afraid that the patch would kill Coolspear’s mods for the career and he wouldn’t fix them right away if at all.

I tried starting that challenge/story The Buried but almost from the start I lost interest.  Most of the stuff I’m looking forward to are starting when Primrose is a teen.  I should have done the setup different.  I’ll get back to it eventually.  And so, the search began yet again to find something that would keep my attention.

My “play more than one save” thing isn’t going to work at the moment.  I spend almost the same amount of time replacing the Flickr pics as it took to write the chapter in the first place.  The whole thing had me extremely depressed and I decided what I needed was something that just totally sucked me in.

I found this End My Suffering Challenge on the forums.  The first generation is the 100 baby challenge cut short.  I think at the time when she wrote it she didn’t know there was an actual challenge based on using the ABCs for the babies.  I never looked that one up so I have no clue if I’m following those rules right.  I’m going by the rules she linked to the 100 babies and even then I might be doing them wrong… whatever.  At this point, I really do need something to end my suffering and so far, it’s doing the trick!

I decided to wait and make sure I was going to stay interested in this instead of doing like I did with The Buried and publishing something before I even had any screenshots.  And oh boy do I have screenshots.  I doubt the chapters will be very long though.  I just don’t have the energy for that and replacing the Flikr pics each day.  

Now that I’ve talked your ear off… let’s start!  Now, I’m letting you know off the bat this is a total goof-off save.  There is absolutely no story here and half the time I couldn’t remember the kids names.  I’m pretty much completely goal-oriented with this one.  Hopefully, it’ll still be entertaining.

One last note (yes I’m annoying myself as much as I probably am you with all of this text!) this is the save I was doing some testing in for the Itty Bitty Challenge and I had it on short lifespan back then.  That’s why some sims like Wolfgang are already young adults.

At first, I started with one of my old boring houses and then I decided I wanted something more exciting so I went looking for ideas.

It’s based on this house here minus the garage.  And since I spent so much money on walls it’s not very nice at the start.

And this is our girl, Amelia.  I totally didn’t plan out the A for her name it just happened.  I made her a few months ago when I was getting ready to start the Itty Bitty legacy for real which, obviously, never happened.

Gotta get some frogs for money.

She’s doing the Botanist branch of the Gardener career since she doesn’t have to leave to go to work.

It popped up that it was the Humor and Hijinks festival and I thought it would be a great chance to meet some potential “donors.”  This is Naoki.

I told her to go meet some others but they all ran to her.

This one was so interested that he left his food stall to meet her.  She didn’t do any of the festival stuff.  She arrived halfway through and just met some guys then left.

She went home and got some sleep and then in the morning tended to her garden.

Housewarming party?  And look, it’s pretty much everyone she’d met the night before!

Welcome to my *cough* humble abode.

They all just kinda stood in groups chatting.

When they were all leaving she asked Naoki to stick around.  They were already friends but when she tried to flirt he shot her down!

He was single the day before!  I looked in notifications and MCCC had married him.  Grr!  She finally wore him down.

First kiss.

A bit of fun after trying for baby.

I think we should just be friends.

Oh by the way I’m pregnant “friend.”

Distracted by Justin Delgato walking a pink dog.  Which had me rolling laughing since his other dog is Blue.  *heh*  Now he has a “blue” and pink dog!

Johnny was walking by and I figured it would be smart to get our next “donor” lined up.

He wasn’t in a relationship at this point so it was super easy.

First kiss.

I figured why not?  She asked him to be her boyfriend… so I could get past that part of Serial Romantic.  I’m just bouncing between aspirations for points.

Such a supportive “friend.”

She needs logic for work and I figured she could do some of the Nerd Brain aspiration so she went to the Windenburg library to play chess.  I figured there would be some others there even if it was late but there weren’t any.

I was trying really hard to get those satisfaction points.  So here she’s fishing for the start of that aspiration.  I think it’s the only time she’s ever fished.

She was back at the library again and Wolfgang started chatting with her.

Might as well get the next guy after Johnny lined up, eh?  Wolfgang is married but she had no problem at all flirting with him.

Although, I can’t blame him.  His wife is just yuck.

I swear that freaking pregnancy belly mod gets me every time!  It’s deceiving.  Wolfgang left and she went into labor.

Yay!  Our first baby.  I decided to start with B since her name is an A name already.  Meet Bekka.

The ley line worked it’s magic.  Meet Caelyn.

You might as well just come over!

These two had a really high relationship.  I almost felt bad that she had to break up with him.

Nothing like hopping out of bed to get attacked!  It was neighborhood brawl day haha!

And she’s pregnant.  I should have had her brawl again before taking the test because she couldn’t after.

Time to go Johnny.

Seriously?  You just left like an hour ago and she just broke up with you!  I guess he didn’t need the wingman after-all because he was married within days.

1st promo!

She met this guy outside while gardening.  He didn’t look interested which is fine.  She’ll be full up on babies from the 3 guys she’s met.

Ah nice and relaxing reading a gardening book while the babies sleep.  The chaos hasn’t begun yet!


I thought this was funny since they were to be married at the start of Pleasantview in Sims 2.  She later married Pierce Delgatto.

When it popped up asking for names I gave their twins my usual silly names.  Oddly, this seems to be a new idea to most simmers because when I put this on Twitter many people commented they hadn’t thought of giving their kids weird names.  I have since the beginning.  LOL!

Chapter 1.2

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