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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Chapter 2

I totally forgot last chapter to mention the original creator’s base that I used to make Amelia.  I wanted the big eyes because I was thinking of doing a perfect genetics thing in the legacy I was going to use for her that the heir could only have those eyes since unlike Sims 3 we can’t have custom eyes or hair.  The creator is XionNinja and it’s ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♥Anime Base♡≧3≦.

We finished off the last chapter with the birth of the twins Bekka and Caelyn and a little rendezvous with Johnny.  The version of the rules I’m using allows leaving the home lot so I figured why not?

This scared the heck out of me!  This girl aged to teen as soon as the lot loaded!

It’s a free meal just eat it!  I really miss the option to order chef’s special in Sims 2 and it brought whatever the other sim wanted to eat and made them happy.

A little kiss before she goes home to the babies.  She kept whimming to woohoo but there really wasn’t any reason to and her other needs were pretty bad.

Aging up the twins… probably the next morning.  Their dad had redish hair too so both of them have one or the other.


And Caelyn.

So cute… okay time to work on skills girls!  Let the montage begin…

Triplets!  Emelia, Delilia, and Finnegan.

The twins had to meet the new family members.  If I remember correctly both were happy.

Do you mean your children?  LOL!

With the twins to train up and the triplets to care for I actually forgot that she should be going off and getting preggo yet again.

Okay, I’m finally at the “get me out of this house even if it means being pregnant again” level.

Haha good luck to those poor daycare workers!

What the heck is he wearing?

Why did you need to go behind the bar to kiss?

Preggo again!  She went out and told him she just wanted to be friends.  He didn’t seem to care either way.  Time to go home and do some more toddler training.

Awe someone missed mommy.

You’ll be shocked to learn this is the only time she ever passed out and she’s never taken sleep potions or moodlet solvers!

Well that’s not creepy at all… it is.  It really is.

Time to age up the triplets.  Bekka wants in on the action.

Wait, another with the same hair?

All three.  They all got that hair… which I’m not a fan of.  It makes me feel like I need to give them curly or wavy hair the rest of their lives.

They all, except for Delila with the hat, got just slight makeovers.  Most of them do unless I have the energy to do more.  Caelyn surveys the newcomers.

It occurred to me that the many seed packets they drop could come in handy since she gardens.  By then it was like 5pm so she didn’t get as many as she could have.

Get away from my child you fiery gnome!

Both Bekka and Caelyn were ready to age up but I wanted some pics of them all as toddlers.

All of the toddlers in this family hug way more often than they normally do for me.  My Robinson’s toddlers barely interact with each other.

So cute.

Oh that’s right, I forgot I had to have them go potty multiple times before they could age up.  It’s so goofy that potty is the most difficult of all the toddler skills.

Birthday time.  Bekka first.

Oh stop complaining and age up the other one.  The nano can is there because I was dragging it back and forth to the bathrooms so when she emptied the pottys she wouldn’t need to go so far.

Caelyn’s turn.

Both were exhausted.  I’d kept them up working on their skills so I wouldn’t have 5 toddlers.  I decided to go way over the top with the wallpaper.

Another toddler bed was added.  Off to bed with you three as well!

Bekka had Social Butterfly so I had her outside meeting random people.  Dina had the option to feel baby.  It’s so confusing to me that extremely thin women have a smaller belly than women mid-weight and up.  It should be the other way around but whatever.

Random fashion disaster walked by about the same time.  It almost looks like she planned that.

And a check in on the Pancakes family.  I added a Chocolate Chip and Maple… something at the request of Kitdragonflight and Ninjapig on twitter.

The Untold Intro

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