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In Chapter 1 I said I wasn’t going to give this an intro.  And really I couldn’t think of a reason why a sim would do this that made any sense at all.  But, as usually happens when I really need to sleep, I thought of one.  Here we go…

Amelia was a single child and her parents worked so much she very rarely saw them and was mostly raised by nannies.  As a small child, she dreamed of having a big family someday.

When she was older the kids teased her because since she was the only student with a name starting with the letter A she was always called on first and didn’t usually know the answers because of her daydreaming.

When she was even older someone nicknamed her Alphabet Amelia which gave her the idea to try for 25 kids to finish off her alphabet.  

Due to her different features, she wasn’t treated very nicely by boys and her self-confidence is so low in that department that she only sees them as a means to an end.  She truly doesn’t believe that any of them have any real interest in her. They get a little fun and she gets a baby… or three.  

She left her parents house with very little money as they were furious she wasn’t taking up the family business.  She decided not to work herself and find a way to make money from home so she can spend as much time as possible with her kids and give them a childhood better than her own.

Since she doesn’t want the kids teased like she was she makes sure they are the best at everything and as a second precaution she ages them up early as soon as they can prove they are indeed the best.

A/N: Special thanks to the Villreals for lending their house and their teen children for helping to reenact Amelia’s teen years.  Both Mia and Jaxon seem to be nice teens and I don’t want them to get a bad rep if we see them again at some point!

Chapter 1.3

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