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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Chapter 3

Since the twins Bekka and Caelyn aged up on a Friday they had a fairly relaxed weekend before starting school.

Bath time for Delilah.

And then Bekka played dolls with her.

Getting some fall/winter crops planted.

Caelyn being a little trickster.

I discovered that playing in the bookshelf gives thinking skill.

The twins chatting with Emelia while they played dolls.  (This is the first time I realized her name is pretty much identical to her mom’s!)

Speaking of mom.  That poor woman.  I wear her ragged.

The triplets were all hungry and there was nothing in the fridge to give them but cake.

They’re both so cute.

At the time I’m writing this I only have 9 babies left to go.  So seeing how relaxed things were in the beginning is odd.

I was also having them work on their aspirations then.  I really have no clue whether they are supposed to do them or not per the rules.  But finishing them usually take most of their childhood.  Social Butterfly especially so I decided not to.

My next discovery.  They also gain thinking skill from playing in plants.  Indeed, any object with the “play in” option gives it.  And here I was grumbling that there weren’t any ways to work on it but blocks and flashcards!

Caelyn entertaining the kiddos while they eat.  

So sweet.

I think most chapters are just going to be adorable screenshots really.

Such as Emelia and Delilah dancing together in the bathroom.

I just realized this is when they got the table!  Haha it’s sooo long ago!

More entertaining little sis.  It makes more sense seeing this why the two eldest girls visit so often now.

Potty training is such a chore!


Well, at least you got some sleep, eh?

Another set of twins.  Gaige and Heidy.

And so the baby care begins again.  I think at this point she was able to see what was wrong which is nice.

Caelyn was happy.

Bekka was not.  Actually, I’m pretty sure from here on out I haven’t had one child happy… I could be wrong.

It’s a full house now!  The nice part about that is the break from finding baby daddies.  Not that it was a problem in the beginning.

Still somehow moving up the ranks!

They were supposed to be grabbing something to eat but of course they had to go meet the new siblings first.

The twins walking like that cracked me up!

And this is what they were marching off to do.  I moved that bathroom on the left over by the kitchen soon after this.

Ohmygosh don’t you even start that!

I’ve had this LittleSam go skating mod for ages but never used it.

It’s really cute.  But then I remembered they can help with blocks.

Perfect.  And hey, it’s a pic with Finnegan in it.  I really have no clue why he’s not in many so far.

Another bath.

See?  Having two bathrooms there just looks silly!

Johnny called asking if he could come over.  I thought maybe he could spend some time with the kids but he stomped in and started beating the cat.  She asked him to leave.

After they’d finished their homework the next day the girls went out in search of better frogs for breeding.  At that point, they were only getting §30 each.

The triplets probably slept all day.  Everyone is always on weird schedules until school starts.

Ah, little Finnegan.  Our first boy.

I will admit Amelia rarely has time to help them to learn much more than potty training.

Random toddler running past the house. 

Oh that’s right!  She was Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis’s daughter and then I looked and Olivia herself was playing chess.  That’s so freaking creepy!

Enough cuteness for today.

Those bills seem extremely high to me!  The house is mostly just walls.  I think that it had started winter though… not sure.  I have a theory that we pay bills for the current season and not the previous season.

Chapter 1.4 coming soon!

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