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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 4

Time for the triplets to age up… and now I’m thinking I’ve been mixing up Delila and Emelia all along!  I could have sworn the middle twin had the hat.

Now I know for sure who is who!  Delila, Finnegan, and Emelia.

Homework time!

And time for mom to make the rounds encouraging their good behavior by doing homework.

I bought them a swingset which the kids rarely use but mom is addicted to and drives me crazy with.

That looks dangerous!

I’d do the same with the first snow… think about my escape back inside.

Within hours it was a winter wonderland.

Time to age up Heidy and Gaige.

Gaige was so upset about having a sister.  They ended up being very close in the end though.

Suddenly I noticed all of the kids had popped out of bed!  They were all in their outerwear reacting to the first snow.

Then they marched outside and stood there for barely a second and all went back to bed!  Since they’d already “reacted” in their room.  So weird.

They finally bred some more expensive frogs an thus began the family frog breeding cycle that pretty much paid for most of the renovations.

Pillows were added to the living room so that the toddlers could eat there instead of carrying their plates all the way back to their beds to eat.

Weekends are so laid back.

I finally gave in and bought the §1,630 microscope when she got using it as a task for the third day in a row.

More potty training.  I suppose I could re-arrange the bathroom so that I can put the walls up but I just can’t be bothered.  I’m probably giving someone reading this OCD quivers though.

I had them all making snowpals… except Finnegan who played in the snow.  I realized that playing in the snow brings fun up way faster.  I actually miss the snow now.

Cuteness!  I assume he was getting movement skill from playing.

I’ve found that the imagination skill builds the quickest.  All they need is a few play sessions with the toys and dollhouse to get to 3.

Someone needed attention.  The bathroom isn’t the best place, mom!

A grade means teen time!

Ohmygosh no!  She had that horrid makeup in every outfit including her sleep wear!

I love how my reveal pics just end up being them working on homework post-aging.  Left is Bekka and right is Caelyn.

A proper living room!  Not sure if that’s the best movie for the children to watch.  Oopsie.

I plopped the serving dish in front of them so they could eat while watching… you can see it floating there if you look close.  I had moveobjects on still.

I absolutely love the gaming system.  Group fun.  They get fun, social, and increased relationship with each other.  Plus, video gaming and motor skills.

I guess I took a lot of pics celebrating the new living room.

Even mom gets in on the action.

Of course, there was still toddler cuteness.  They must have been sleeping through most of that.

There they are!  The pillows that I’d just placed were moved into the toy area.

And back to teaching the toddlers so they can age up soon too.


When I was rolling for one of the townie babies this popped up.  I imagine it wouldn’t unless someone else had used the name!

I love seeing these.

This is the last time I checked in with the Pancakes.

I noticed Bekka and Caelyn’s dad had his own hands full!

Her first kids are from Don Lothario.  Then she married Pierce Delgato and had kids.  It just feels weird to me.  Having the child and teen years cut so short for the premades since I’d played that time on short lifespan during testing is just odd.

Congrats to Eric.  I don’t really know what I’d have done if she won!

Yessssss!  I am so sure!

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