TS4→ Alphababy 1.5: Working Weekend

End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 5

All of the kids were ready to age up at once… except Gaige’s twin Heidy.

Caelyn and Bekka…

Delila, Finnegan, and Emelia…

Gaige and Heidi.  They left bed to go see the snow.

Time to find a new victim donor.  She first went to the rooftop bar in San Myshuno but it was a blizzard and everyone was doing the “I can’t see in front of me” walk and was tense with the “what am I doing out here” moodlet.

There we go.  Good ole Oasis Springs.

At this point, a lot of sims are elders now.

After sitting there for hours I ended up making a club with unmarried young adults or adults as requirements.  It was slim pickings let me tell you!  She lucked out with this guy, Hakim and started a club gathering.

I know it sounds crude but this is the last time she tried to romance a guy.  It took half the night!

Back home, the kid’s energy bars were mostly full since they were sleeping when she left.  Time to get skills up for school.

Heidy did creative and Gaige did motor.

They took turns with homework so mom could help them each and get it done faster.

Oh and encourage their good behavior of doing homework.  Gotta get that responsibility up!

What are you doing???  There was plenty of food in the fridge.

They did their extra credit without help.

I moved the microscope into the greenhouse type room.

She needs that logic for work.

You’d think she’d be used to the morning sickness by now.

Cheer up at least it’s Sunday.  I swear Delilah and Emilia were miserable half the time.

Ah, sweet.

Extra credit for school and responsibility?  Heck yea!  Mom is helping Delilah because hers gives logic but she went down the line helping as they finished.

These two are so cute.  Of them all they’re my favorites.

No matter that they start working carefully and if they get help or not they all “finished quickly” and got mediocre results.  Still, it’s extra credit!

This is actually the next morning before school.  They all wore their winter wear inside most of the time despite the thermostat.

Peace and quiet.  Gaining gardening skill in the winter is so difficult.

Bekka called for a chat.  She calls a lot.

Homework time for Heidy and Gaige.  Bekka stopped by just as they were finishing up the birthdays.

Since she could afford one of those expensive cameras now I thought it would be fun to have their pics on the wall no clue why it looks like a phone.

The pic of Caelyn is from a day or two later but I thought I’d put it here instead.

Just mom and two children.  This is so weird!

Getting some planting done with the spare time.

The peace and quiet was nice while it lasted.  Another set of triplets!  Iggy, Kali, and Jaci.  I thought short catchy names might help me remember them.  LOL!

Yep.  There are babies.

Let the fun begin.

Chapter 1.6

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