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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 6

New plan.  Use the club and the club activities to try for baby quickly so she can get back home.  This guy, Advik, was all for it.

Seriously, I saw it was an option so I tried it and it worked.  They didn’t even know each other.

Another pregnancy test in a club/bar bathroom.  Not that Amelia cares.

It popped up that it’s almost her birthday.  Since this is supposed to be done in one generation I decided to just be cautious and give her a youth potion.  She doesn’t seem too sure about it.  If I didn’t have pregnancy aging turned on she’d actually be younger than she is now in my current play.

Birthday time!

Gaige first.

Yikes.  I really dislike those glasses.

Heidy’s turn.

There they are!  My favorites.  I don’t know if it’s because I got a whole weekend with them.  I don’t think so because I was instantly attached.  Maybe because Wolfgang is their father and I adore him and Lucas.

Might as well get the homework out of the way.  With my luck I’d wait for them to do it and completely forget!

Delila and Finnegan were married before their older sisters!

I was so upset.  They met and married after he and Amelia broke up.  It happened again recently.  I’ve come to the conclusion (like just now) that if there’s even a smidgen of a romance bar this happens.

Ah, life with triplets.

Almost everyone gets gaming skill as their skill required to get an A in high school.  It’s just easier since it gives fun as well.

Winterfest!  And since I have the calendar set to 14 days pretty much the only holiday we’ve celebrated in the household.

Mom was sleeping so Heidy and Gaige decorated the tree.

Then were back to gaming.

And baby duty!

Baby Iggy must have some sort of magical powers to send a gift!

A little tofurky since both of the twins are vegetarians.

I decided to do a little Winterfest get together.  Mom met Finnegan’s wife Lacy.

Delilah and her hubby Vihaan.

Come and get the fake turkey!

There were so many of them we had the dining room…

And living room full.

A little catching up.

Since it was marked as a dinner party and they were hosts, both Heidy and Gaige tried to bake hamburger cakes of all things.

Everyone left and they opened presents.

Triple baby duty for the triplets made things so much easier!

Father Winter!  I really wish I knew what is making my game generate a new one each year.

Amelia got a grill.  I eventually sold it because I was afraid one of the kids would attempt to grill and kill themselves.

So funny!

Look who’s aged up!

Iggy tried to hug Kali but she was having nothing of this!

But she allowed Jaci to hug her.  Now, the funny part is I didn’t like fussy Kali all the much as a toddler and preferred Jaci.  But, as soon as they aged to children, Kali became another favorite!

She was supposed to be fussy but I felt like she was more clingy than anything. 

This is the only household so far that I was really sad when spring came.

Awe, there we go!  Iggy hugs.

I didn’t notice that all of the triplets needed the potty at about the same time.  Kali was the best off so she was last.  Mom asked her to potty, she threw a tantrum, mom walked away, and she used her diaper!  Grrrr!

I made her sit on the potty anyway.  Take that!

I’d moved that couch to make room for the tree.  But I kept forgetting to move it back and every time I thought of it someone was sitting on it.

This is so cute.  I do think they may need more frequent baths though.

Moving on to homework.  I’m actually baffled that they didn’t get an A.  All of my other kids seem to.

Bekka stopped by.

Might as well take advantage of the extra helper.  She might have done it autonomously.

I love it when they do this.

Having them go outside gives them movement skill too.

And communication with the snow pals!

At first I was like oh yay the older girls found someone…

Then I took a closer look at this.  He was Amelia’s newest baby daddy!  I did end up breaking them up at some point and she found someone else.


Of course, Kali’s with mom.

The other two couldn’t care less.  Jaci never acted like she was clingy.

Bath time for the scamps that have been digging outside.

I think Iggy was the only one who hadn’t gotten up to potty 2 yet.

Twins!  Meet Lola and Milo.

The girls take their turn in the potty…

Iggy had been on his way to grab something to eat when he noticed them.  Both Jaci and Kali were stopped in their tracks as well.  None of them were happy.

Chapter 1.7

A/N: The Winterfest get together is the only one.  I’m hoping to get them all together in the end for a party but I didn’t want anyone getting their hopes up this is a common thing.  Also, I forgot to mention in the last chapter when the triplets were born but they were supposed to be twins.  I’d moved out Delilah, Emelia, and Finnegan that same day but before that I had her go do the sonogram thing out of curiosity.  You can see it on the wall in some of the pics.

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