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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 7

It is time.  I was actually sad.

Heidy has some snow fun while mom bakes the cake.

So sad!  Also, it meant going back out to find another freaking baby daddy.  Ugh.

I was happy to see the Spice Festival announcement.  The little ones were all tired anyway so I’m sure it’ll be easy for the “babysitter.”  We turned to the club again and met Irving.

I’m surprised City Living came with no woohoo spots!  I plopped down a bush.  No romance for Amelia that’s for sure.

Another nooboo on the way.

I wonder if this was fixed in the patch?  I hadn’t patched yet.

I had her buy some spices and such for cooking.  I actually only recently learned you can do this.

I thought it might be nice to spend a little more time with Irving.

Okay, maybe not.

She grabbed some sack lunches from the sample table and was off to home.

Back home.  The snow all melted while she was gone!  I was thinking I hadn’t shown a proper outside pic of the house.

Back to the same old same old.

Kaci was trying to meet that dog but everytime I queued it up she’d get to it and it canceled.  

Look at all of those sack lunches!

Learning to make a meal.  These things aren’t super filling but they’re nice because they eat them in a few bites.

More cuteness.

And baths.

Back already, Heidy?  Everyone on Twitter keeps saying that the kids are probably happy to leave.  If so they’re just as happy to be back because they’re constantly at the door.

Of course, I make good use of them.

Mom giving Kaci a second wind.

See what I mean?  This time is was Caelyn.

Really, we can use all the help we can get!

Not that mom minds.  She’s always sparkling with those freaking stars.

Caelyn stayed for the countdown.  I expected them to hug each other…

They went for the toddlers.  So sweet!

I didn’t track all of these.  Is this the first?  Not sure.

Birthday time!  Iggy first…

Jaci next…

And lastly, Kaci.

Really though?  It’s barely snowing!  And you spent most of your toddlerhood in the snow before it melted!

I was probably waiting for the triplets to age up before aging up the twins.  Not the best first pic of Milo and Lola I’ll admit.


I put grass on the roof.  It looks really cool in the fall and winter but the grass I used is very bright green in the spring and summer.  I spent ages doing it too!

Wow I took a lot of school project pics!  This is about the time I really started to dislike Jaci.  She inherited the slob trait from her father and spent most of the day burping and farting while they worked.

On to homework.  I adore it when they sit on the swings like this.

Lola and Milo were probably mostly sleeping through all of that.

Lola has to have been one of the cutest toddlers.  She aged up with a very unique look as well… both of them did.

The kiddos getting focused before leaving for their first day of school.

Time for toddler watch.

B’s already!

Having some fun after a stressful school day.

My sims have suddenly become obsessed with washing dishes since patching.  To the point that they will do it when autonomy is off.  Oh and look, Heidy is back.

Yikes, whatever’s on that card, Milo wants none of it!

I think Jaci needed to sleep after getting her fun up.  Kaci might have napped too.  Otherwise I don’t know why they’d be in there.


Our first girl/girl twins!  Nyla and Odyssa.

Time for everyone to meet their new siblings.  It’s like a ritual.

Kaci was happy.  She was the only one.

Scrub a dub Milo in the tub.

Look at that little cherub face!

I was furious!  I don’t think I’ve been so mad playing this game my blood pressure must have shot through the roof!

Meanwhile the kiddos are in the room next door not knowing their mom is passed out.  I was holding my breath waiting for the babies to start crying and praying that children can call a nanny.

One of them started crying and I was about to have Iggy call for a nanny when mom popped up her cheerful self like nothing had happened.

A little fun before school.  Awe, I love Kaci.  In this one challenge it’s hard not to pick favorites.

And back to the daily monotony of toddler training.  Mom was probably cooking… she cooks a lot.


I’m a terrible person but I couldn’t resist.

If I could name the pets I’d totally call them all Cupcake.

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