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End My Suffering Gen 2 Runaway Teen Intro

My name’s 26 but you can call me T.  No, not like Twenty-six.  That would have been a T name and thus ruined my mom’s weirdo alphabet naming scheme.  Not that I mind much.  It’s just odd.  She should have known better.  If the kids teased her in school for having an A name and always being called on first imagine the teasing with a name like 26!

But mom was always in her happy-go-lucky bubble.  I love her but the happy happy grinds on the nerves ya know? 

And the work work work gotta be the best thing.  Naw, I’m not about all that. 

So here I was, aging up to a teen with my brother and sister… we’re triplets by the way… not long after we’d just aged to children.  

I realized I like being a teen. Why would I want to age up in a few days again to a young adult?  Settling down with a wife and a job and the 2.5 kids and dog?  Well, the dog I wouldn’t mind.  But the rest?  Doesn’t sound appealing at all.  Practically as soon as my sister Yumi blew out the candles she was waxing poetic about getting married and having kids.  

I thought for sure my brother Zed would agree with me but when I tried talking to him he was all about the girls and even mentioned having kids too.

So, I left.  Yumi and Zed didn’t try to stop me.  They couldn’t.  Because I didn’t even tell them I was leaving. 

I left a note and grabbed the genealogy journal mom just finished.  I want to avoid family as much as possible and I have a lot of family.

I checked the mail on the way out.  Usually, there are tons of presents that mom just donates but there were only a few seed packets.  Guess I could plant some stuff?

I thought about going to my dad’s family.  But we were like a last hurrah for him.  He died before we were even born.  I found them but they’re all grown and one even has a kid of her own.  Whatever.  I don’t need anybody… maybe a dog.  That might be cool.

But first, I gotta find a place to stay.  Winter’s not that far away and it would be cruel to make a dog sleep on a park bench or in a bush!

Speaking of park benches, someone woke me up the first day asking if I needed a place to stay.  No way am I going to some dude’s house to sleep! 

But, he did mention that his mom owns a pawn shop that he runs and if I come across anything interesting he’ll buy it so I have some money to eat and stuff.  Said they were homeless once after his dad took off and he knows how hard it can be.  

I’m thinking about it.  I mean, I do need to be able to get food if I want to feed a dog, right?

A/N: Runaway Teen!  My favorite challenge… in Sims 3.  Sims 4?  Not so much.  There’s not much of a challenge to it.  So, I’m mixing it up a bit.  The guy Kyat that talked to him is a young adult yes but only because he can’t work at the pawn shop as a teen.  I only talk to him long enough to get a screenshot or two.

How the pawn system works- He goes to the pawn shop and talks to Kyat.  I pause the game and hover over every item in his inventory I want to sell and use an app on my phone to determine yes he’ll buy it or no he won’t.  I’m not selling anything otherwise.  My version of the consignment store.  And the §10 fee for each time he travels?  I’m keeping track of them on a notepad and Kyat talks him into buying something when he goes there.  I obviously purchase it in buy mode at home.  It’s always something goofy from the decorations.

Originally, the plan was to have him avoid family completely.  But there’s so many of them he had to leave every single lot!  So, I figured first of all nobody’s seen him as a teen but his mother, and triplet brother, and sister.  Secondly, he’s never met most of the family.  So if I hover over them and he knows them I avoid them.  If he doesn’t then I don’t.  And he talks to some of his child/teen family because I figure they’ll keep his secret since they all think the aging up early thing is weird.  And, that’s it!  Hope you enjoy the story.

Chapter 1 coming soon!

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