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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 8

You know what that means!

Iggy first…

C’mon Iggy, your sisters are waiting.  LOL!

Jaci next!

And finally Kali.

Here they are.  I left Iggy’s hair.  He got the creative trait so I thought it fit.  And of course, Kali looks adorable.

The other two had to go nap so it was just Kali working on her gaming skill.

Caelyn!  Thanks for stopping by.

So nice to have the kids visit.

They can even help potty train.  Practically everything they’re doing they can ask for help with.

When Amelia was doing the usual rounds of “great job doing homework” I noticed there were discipline options for Jaci.

I wondered what the calm options were and saw this!  I laughed so hard!

We went with firm.  Stop being disgusting, Jaci!

Kali’s face!  Probably the first time she’s heard someone disciplined.

And extra credit.  I swear the whole homework, extra credit, get skills up thing takes so long… as it should since kids normally don’t need to rush through it all in one day!

It happened again!  MCCC married one of my kids to one of Amelia’s baby daddies!  I, of course, fixed it and I’m not sure if it was now or later but I ended up flagging him no marriage no offspring.  Sorry Irving.

How’s that for dual skill building for ya?  And cuteness to boot.

Back to gaming.

Sitting between cuteness must make it hard to concentrate.

Emelia stopped by next.  Do you really think I’m going to let you just sit and watch Jaci play games?  Ha!

It drives me crazy that after potty training if they ask to do something else they automatically do it on the bathroom floor.

Emelia’s gone so now it’s mom’s turn.  I tried so hard to get Lulu and Milo aged up before Nyla and Odyssa to no avail.

I was about to queue Amelia to age her up when I saw this.  So cute!

But really though, they’re always cute, aren’t they?

She popped out of the cradle breech!  Cracked me up.

Wow those eyes!  

Cuteness overload I swear.  Nyla on the left with the darker skin color and Odyssa to the right.  I just realized that I think Nyla has the darkest skin of the whole bunch!  Baby daddies were slim pickens.  I couldn’t try for variety.

Milo’s awake.  Time to work on those skills some more.

Nyla’s like woah there are more?

I was very rarely able to take advantage of the teens to help since they were always on the homework, extra credit, school projects, skill grind.  But, I wanted to age up Milo and Lulu at the same time as them.

If memory serves correctly, Milo had all of his skills up and was napping along with mom who was up most of the night working on skills with them.

Alright!  Let’s do this!  Pay no mind to Jaci passed out on the floor.

Ah, there she is, see?  Kali went first since I was in a hurry because Lulu really needed to sleep as well.

There we go!  If you’re wondering this is not the most I’ve had age up at once.  I’ve had 7 in one day before!

Dang, sorry Lulu.  Twice in one party you must think I’m horrible.  But really, including the one time Amelia passed out, it’s only happened a handful of times.

I love Kali.  When I was looking through the single guys using Amelia’s club to find the next baby daddy I saw that the Bjergson boy had aged up and married him to Kali in CAS.  That’s the only one out of all the kids I did that with.  My other favorite, Heidy, marrying a former baby daddy really upset me.

Umm… Jaci?  You can leave now.

I umm… gave Emelia’s husband a new shirt.

Yay!  Finally, Bekka found someone.  They never had any kids though.

New plan.  Since there were NO single guys other than the vampires I spent waaay too much time in the Show Sim Info mod trying to find guys that were either cheating on their wives or had terrible relationships with them.  Justin Delgato fit but wanted nothing to do with her.

Same with Huntington.  Which is probably for the best since he has like 7 kids.

Bingo!  Arun Beeha was all for it.  I think his daughter was a young adult by then and he and his wife never had more kids.  Their relationship was non-existent. 

Preggo again!

When she went home I had her bring along all of the other baby daddies and ask them to just be friends.  

What?  Okay then.  Actually, they were all pretty mad about it.  Weird.

Back home to the joy of toddlers.  They must have been out of food again.  She rarely used the highchairs because then someone has to let them out.

This has only happened one other time.  So frustrating.  He got a bad chance card and was in a terrible mood the whole school day.

Mom got bees.  I was actually shocked at how often the plants needed evolved after getting them.

I’m actually kinda baffled that I have no other screenshots from the rest of this day!  Maybe they slept most of it.

More grandkids incoming.  This is about the point I started flagging some of them no offspring.  I want to be able to stay in this save, ya know?  Kinda hard to do when the next heirs are related to everyone.

Chapter 1.9

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