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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 9

At the end of the last chapter, Milo and Lola aged to children… then immediately went to bed.  Indeed they aged up so late in the night that they didn’t have school the next day.  Project time!

Meanwhile, we still have Nyla…

And Odyssa as toddlers.  And new baby buns in the oven.

We changed things up a bit and had the kids learn different skills than usual so I could get some crafts to spruce the place up a bit.

Awe what a good big brother…

And sister.

Milo and Lulu were very close twins.  Most of the brother/sister twins were.

The sink broke and a new idea formed.  I was right and the game generated a brand new sim!

Yay our next victim donor is already lined up.

Caelyn stopped by again.  Odyssa caught her before she even got into the house!

Always nice to see the older kids, eh?

The twins had already done their homework and projects and had a skill to level 4 so they just did whatever.

It had the option on the blocks to ask Kali for help.  I assumed she was walking past the house.  I thought they had some sort of AoE but apparently not because I had to bring Odyssa home!


Might as well get some help from the older twins since they’re not doing anything.  Children can help with several things.

Twins again!  I believe they were the only boy/boy twins.  Pippin and Quade!

Milo was not so happy.

Lulu was.

Erm, right to business?  I didn’t even take a pre-test shot!  As you may have surmised from the above promotion she waited until the next morning.

He hates children so I told him just to see his reaction.  It didn’t disappoint!

Oh!  I completely forgot about this!  Milo was in a bad mood in school and wasn’t promoted.

Birthday time.  And look, Iggy’s here.

Oops!  Need to bake another cake.  Iggy entertained Odyssa while they waited.

There we go!

They’re adorable!  If you hadn’t guessed, it’s Odyssa on the left and Nyla on the right.

Delilah stopped by and at first I was like please get away from that bassinet.  But she did good!


And then she came outside to chat with Milo and Lulu.

You’re not getting away with just chatting silly!

Iggy was still there so he helped the younger girls with their homework.

I figured mom could get some logic skill for work while playing chess too.

Morning kiddos!  Nice healthy breakfast before school.  

Well, all but Lulu.  She already had her A so she got to take a vacation day.

Amelia bought a bunch of those bubbles at the Spice Festival and I kept forgetting about them.

She cooks… a lot.

Yay!  Great news!

Party time!  Lulu first.

Then Milo.

What?  Ohmygosh no!

Better.  They are both so cute!  Haha mom having some pregnancy sickness back there.  She did that constantly.

Party’s over.  Back to the daily grind.  And look, Kali is here to help.

Amelia was applying mite treatment when silly Kali followed her out there!

Toddler time!  Quade in the front and Pippin in the back.

So freaking cute.

Oh yay.  More potty training.  I believe Quade had the independent trait.

That face!

I didn’t hold much hope for an A from Nyla.

Cuteness overload with these two.

Hahaha!  Our first klepto!

Awe, how sweet!  Did you know they get mental skill from this toy?

The problem is, they don’t play with it very long.

Emilia’s here!

More chess with mom.  They look so alike!

ROTFL  This is the boy I gave a girl’s name!  I saw him later and was like why is that boy named Felicity?  I changed it of course.

Our first, and only, single birth.  Meet Rina.

These two were just so happy all the time it’s no surprise!

You know what that means?!

Why is he wearing that again?  It wasn’t one of his outfits.  Neither is Odyssa’s.  I thought they did away with the crazy A outfits but maybe not?

Oh, you didn’t meet her yet?  Everyone’s waiting!

Lulu first…

Then Milo…


And lastly, Odyssa.

I was sad to see them go so they stuck around for the night and helped out.

Nyla and Odyssa adorable as expected.

Their needs were good so might as well get a project done.

Toddlers in bed, might as well get some extra help while we’re at it.

Lulu and Milo left and it occured to me that another service sim would be a good idea and she might as well get a fertility massage while she’s at it.

Preggo yet again.

He’d gone right back out to the massage table.  Might as well get some Love Day traditions done while we’re at it.

The cutie pies are awake!  No rest for mamma.


This time the random toddler wandering the road was a relation.

Look what she was wearing when she first laid down on the massage table!  Thank goodness for MC Dresser eh?

Chapter 1.10

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