TS4→ Alphababy 1.10: Aging Up So Fast!

End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 10

Another birthday.  It goes so fast!

She was reacting to the rain but I thought she looked so pretty I had to snap a pic.

But first, can you just help with Pippin and Quade so we can hopefully age them up too before baby Rina?

*ahem*  If you were wondering what mom was up to.  I really wanted her to top the gardening career.  I swear every level in logic skill was torture.

Tots fed, more learning.

She had a whim for it.  It’s the only time she ever was able to stop and exercise!  Also, she had her back to the TV the whole time.  I guess it’s true what they say about mothers having eyes on the back of their heads.

You’re going to laugh at me!  When I aged up Rina I gave the girls their YA makeovers.  I was all set to age them up and realized they don’t have enough responsibility to get the trait!

There’s Rina.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I took a cutie pic of her when I aged her up but darned if I can find it!  Anyway, birthday time.

Kind of a late reaction there, mom.  And no, we didn’t manage to get Pippin and Quade ready and they were too tired to continue learning.

I must have been really distracted this day because I also forgot to take selfies with the girls before they moved out.  I did get them later.

And the potty training grind begins again.

Some late night summer planting.

Mom was still pregnant so the girls stayed a bit longer.  Which explains the lack of selfies.

This whole thing would have been so much easier if I kept them around longer.  People on Twitter kept saying I should be so relieved when the kids aged to teen but they very rarely had time to help.

Cuteness in the tub.

Alright!  Now they’re ready!  Pippin…

Then Quade.

Aren’t they adorable?  Pippin just looks like a Pippin.

No rest in this house.

It was the weekend and I was excited at the prospect of them getting most of their needed motor skill from the slide.  But they didn’t get any and I had to stop them to do something else!

More teaching.  She was such a cutie.

When I saw this I was like oh no!

Twins again.  I thought maybe moving Nyla and Odyssa out before the birth might result in triplets but no.  Steffie and Tevin were added to the brood.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why is there another massage dude?  *sigh*  I’d marked the last guy as no marry because I didn’t want him marrying one of my girls right?  Instead he was used to get one pregnant!  I had to cancel that and I used cheats to kill him.  So freaking frustrating!

Nice!  He still got a B despite the bad chance card.

Of course, they had to trot right in to get a look at their new siblings.

Don’t mind mom.  She’s kinda occupied.

Quade was happy.  Pippin was not.

Preggo again.

Pippin complaining about the new babies while mom smiles on in her little happy bubble.  I swear I’ve never had such a happy sim.

More training Rina.

Good news!

Confusing news.  They are now older than their mom.  I never saw a pop up for Caelyn.

More birthdays.  Pippin…



Yikes.  Looks like she didn’t inherit her mother’s sunny disposition.

See?  Pippin just totally fits his name!

I finally remembered to invite the girls over to get their obligatory selfies for the ever growing collection.

Quade looks more like mom.  Most of them do.

Another kid getting mental skill so mom can help and get some logic herself.

Playtime’s over!  Time to age up Steffie and Tevin already.


It looked like this girl was walking in with them.  I was like who the heck is that?  But she kept going.

This is the almost birthday.  I aged Pippin up and looked and he hadn’t earned his character trait!  I had to exit and go back to the previous save!

Well, y’all might as well get your needs up.  And look, all the kiddos together!

That’ll get your responsibility up!

Teaching Tevin while we wait.

It was late.  They were miserable.  I should have just let them wait until morning.  I was really goal-oriented with this challenge.

Yes, you guessed it, I forgot the selfies again!

Another pregnancy.

And Lola adopted a teen… weird.


The game has frozen several times trying to get the selfies.  This time I took a screencap of what it looks like when it happens.  So frustrating!

The girls have these really long faces.  Anyway, I found this one funny.

Speaking of funny!  When Finnegan’s wife gave birth and it popped up that the kid was a Marx I was like uh, I have no idea whose kid that is!  So I typed this and promptly forgot about it.  Then, to make it even worse, I gave him a girl’s name!

Kinda puts the timeline in perspective.

These were all taken when Nyla and Odyssa moved out.

She needed a cowberry to complete Freelance Botanist.  She never did get one.  I did end up with several dragon fruit… not that they needed money.

Chapter 1.11 coming soon!

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