TS4→ Alphababy 1.11: Nearing the Homestretch

End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 11

Rina hard at work on her logic skill.

Bedtime story for Steffie.

Since mom was still preggo, Pippin and Quade stuck around to help out.

So sweet.

So nice having help.

Mom agrees.

She aged up very cute.  She inherited the Hates Children trait from her dad.  

I decided to try and get her out of the house ASAP.

Two more girls.  Unna and Veda.  Which means Pippin and Quade had to move out.

Of course, Steffie and Tevin had to check them out.  I didn’t note their reactions but since most kids were sad I assume they were too.

That look!  Like, are you trying to get me out of the house?  Yes.

Playing outside.  Movement and Imagination.

I love getting that pic.

More teaching.


I think she was the only one I kinda pushed out of the house.  I was afraid to have her help with the kids or even be around them.

It was mom’s birthday too.

Oh gosh so much for that idea.  She got the massage anyway.

Nyla visited.  Nice to have a helper when we’re searching for a baby daddy.

He was the only single sim other than the ones in their family that hadn’t married.

Preggo again.

Nyla was still hanging out.  I think Steffie was sleeping.  When there’s one helper or just mom I usually had them sleep in shifts.

I’d thought she was marked no more offspring but I was wrong.  I went through and made sure most of them were flagged.  In her case, she was getting pretty old!

There she is.  Mom and Nyla got to catch up while they all ate.

Back to the grind.  Steffie has to catch up to Tevin now.

So cute.

Caelyn’s here to help this time.

I was so happy to see Gaige!

Time to age up Unna and Veda already.

This is the only time I didn’t age up kids together.  Steffie was exhausted and still needed two skills to 3 and Tevin was wide awake and had been at 3 most of the day.

Plus, I had 2 other toddlers to care for.

Tevin: Look at me!

Steffie: What the?

The cake spoiled!  Just… take a nap.

Tevin was out sliding so he didn’t get to see.

And I was distracted by him and didn’t get a blowing out the candles pic!

I took this a little later but I’m putting it here because it’s weird there’s no after pic.  She went outside to play in the rain but it was a thunderstorm and she freaked and ran back inside.  Silly girl.

Creative skill again because I love having crafts all over the house.

Although, projects give responsibility too so I’m always torn!

Unna being a brat.

Veda needed social so Steffie chatted with her while she learned blocks.

Just nap for a bit while mom gets some sleep.

I usually have the kids do their homework at different times so she can help both.  Maybe one autonomously started on extra credit.

Rub a dub dub…

Cuteness in the tub.

Such a good big brother!

One of those moments when everyone’s just chilling out together.

Two more girls!  Wren and Xyla.  (Like xylophone)

Everyone was sleeping.

In the very beginning I’d wanted to use Don.  In my 100 Baby Challenge the first mother married him in the end.  Plus, I’ve always been attached to him because of playing him in my Joneses rotation.  Anyway, he’d been married until now.  His wife must have passed on.

Kind of a last hurrah for Don I suppose.  Sadly, he died soon after.

Using the pub toilet to take the test.

And we return home to Tevin crying over the new twins.  These poor kids.

Ah, well, nothing we can do about it but push on.  It’s almost over ya know.


Another birthday.  Steffie…

Then Tevin.

They both looked so mature that I ended up giving them very teen looks.  Oh and Finnegan stopped by to hang out.

Veda being all cute.

Big brother helping out before school.

Such cuteness.

What the?  Why is he back?

Wait!  Why are you back???  Thank goodness I had the option to send them to school.  If memory serves right, it was a Friday.

Haha!  See the stuffed animal all the way out here?  Movement and communication!  I’d also sometimes put toys over on the other side of the yard.  And they’d usually circle to the front playing in plants when nobody could help them learn. 

The bright green grass on the roof looks ridiculous in spring and summer.  I finally gave in and got the mod that changes the season to summer in build/buy after this.


Rina’s party clothes.  Just yikes.

After I patched I’d removed some CC that I thought I never use.  I guess I was wrong.

Emelia aged to adult and then immediately to elder.  I fixed it with MCCC of course but I was pretty freaked out thinking it might happen again.  Thankfully, it never did.

The bear pic had me dying laughing!

Chapter 1.12

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