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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 12

One nice thing about aging them up so quickly… they very rarely had mood swings or phases.  No rush to age these two up so I decided to wait for Unna and Veda to be ready too.

Which meant they needed to get their needs up before they could help.

Oh well, let him have his fun.

So nice having helpers.  Looking at these chapters it seems like there were a lot of helpers but I think it’s just that I took pics whenever it happened.

Getting those last few percentages needed to put little Unna over 3.

It was birthday time.  Everyone was ready.  Then the babies needed fed.  There was only like 2 hours left on the cake.

The older kids just helped the toddlers.  Unna first…

Then Veda while Unna immediately went to bed.  Kind of a lackluster birthday.  I was very frazzled at this point.

Mom was finally able to join.  Steffie first…

Then Tevin.

This just goes to show how extremely frazzled things were near the end.  Mom’s needs were terrible.  I’d gotten the notification hours before to age up Wren and Xyla.

Wren was paired up with Steffie…

Xyla was paired up with Tevin.

I realized I had no after pic of Unna and Veda and woke them up to get it.  Poor Unna wasn’t happy with me!

Potty training time.

While mom finally gets some proper sleep.

I think they were even out of food.  It was just insane in the end I swear!

Homework help.

Steffie and Wren finally tapped out and both went to bed.

School project time.

First teen grandchild.

So cute.

Bright eyed and her normal cheerful self again, mom stocked the fridge back up.

And Steffie, Tevin, Wren, and Xyla were woken from their naps for more potty training.

Unna: What the heck how’d you finish before me?

Rina showed up at the door so mom got her selfie.

Then, while we’re at it, Steffie’s.

And Tevin’s.

Ohmygosh why did you even come here?!  You know the house is full of kids!

Steffie and Tevin moved out into their own place and within hours Steffie was back visiting.

That had to have hurt.

I know you’re like what?  I remembered Deaderpool, the guy that made the MC Command Center mod, saying once that the number of babies is determined at birth.  So I did a little research and found a forum thread where people said that they get the fertility massage before the baby is born not when they are conceived.  I know this is true with the Ley Line trait so thought I’d give it a try.

Meanwhile, Wren was getting lots of help.

Triplets!  Two boys and one girl.  And mom looks so relieved.

Then she’s like wait a minute!  That’s an extra baby!  We had Yumi and Zed already completing the alphabet but another.  What to name him?!  Any name given would ruin the whole theme.  And thus, our final baby was named 26 since he’s the 26th child born.

Someone’s very proud of herself.

And then the dreaded realization that we have to deal with triplets again sets in.  At least for me.

Unna was sad.

Veda was angry.

Very angry!

At least Unna got over it pretty quick.

I really don’t think he wants to be played with.

Oh yes… we still have two toddlers to train up.

Lovely.  Another one upset about the babies.

That distraction didn’t last long.  Babies crying and all.

Now to wait the weekend out.

The Spice Festival!  I had to get out.

That was fun… while it lasted.

Back to the little ones.

Oh c’mon you know you want a bath!  Bubbles and a duck?  What’s not to like?

There we go, see?

Weekends are just so leisurely.

Cute… but you could be helping your sisters.

There ya go.  Watch Wren play.

Or umm… go do your homework and mom can help her.

Wait, do a project too.

Oops.  Kept Veda outside working on her project a bit too long.  You can make it!  Waddle faster.

Unna finished and was roped into helping Xyla.

And mom helped Veda finish hers.

Then helped Wren with flashcards.

Awe so sweet!  And that’s where I’ll leave it for today.


Random grandchild marching past the house in a swimsuit.

Random elders walking by with identical looks on their faces.

The wall at this point.

Pretty landscape pic.

Chapter 1.13

A/N: I have to confess, I cheated with the triplets.  I went back to the main menu over and over.  I just couldn’t do another pregnancy.  I kept getting twins and it would make no sense at all for her to get pregnant again after Z!  Each time it was a girl then a boy… Yumi and Zed.  Like 5 times in a row.  The final time it was a boy/girl/boy.  I was invested in Yumi and Zed so they were ultimately named out of order.  The idea of having a 26th child to be the heir occurred to me quite early in the challenge although it wasn’t until near the end I came up with the goofy idea for the name.

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