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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 13

Aging up time!  Yumi and Zed…

Then 26.

Taking advantage of our little helpers.  Still the weekend… might as well.

26: No touchy!

Zed is the only kid I’ve ever left that hair on.  It actually looks cute on him.

Why are you crying for her now?  You just pushed her away!

Okay, girls, this is it, five toddlers at once is… well… five too many.  But I digress!  The point is, we need to age up Wren and Xyla as soon as possible.

As with Steffie and Tevin before them, the girls were each assigned a twin.

Until Wren was up to 3 in everything and we were just left to wait for Xyla.

Oh thank goodness, Wren first…

Xyla next.

I get the feeling they weren’t pleased to be rushed.  Just… go to bed.  That’ll cheer you up.

I plopped a serving plate in there and 26 toddled out with his plate.

Independent little scamp.

He missed out on the bonding over food…

And potty.

He was just so happy on his own!

Ah, my little soldiers marching off to battle.

Well, I mean, after breakfast, of course!  Most important meal and all that jazz.

Sadly, these two didn’t have the option to go to school.  I thought they aged before midnight.  It’s happened several times but I can never remember when they aged up exactly.  Anyway, homework…

And school projects.  It was raining.

Zed learning to talk…

And basic needs.

The other two are awake.  26 doesn’t seem too interested in whatever Yumi has to say.

It didn’t really feel too fast this time.  We did get the whole weekend with them including a trip to the Spice Festival after-all.  Unna first…

Then Vida!  

Uh, better let the younger girls use the toilet!  Yikes.  Also, I have no idea what mom and Unna are reacting to.

There they are all aged up.

Watch me watch you?

Then it’s his turn.

And also his turn to get some learning.

Morning kiddos.  Time to stare at fossils and such before school.

So cute!

Dude like I totally don’t blame her!  With all of the birthdays she’s here delivering gifts almost every single day!

Of course, not everything in her inventory is a gift but this is after getting the mail from 2 or 3 days.

Awe cuteness.  Taking advantage of how much he loves being alone to get his movement and imagination skills up.

While the other two grab something to eat and chat with mom.

Wren and Xyla got their Bs.  Unna and Vera didn’t get their As yet because they didn’t have a skill high enough.  I wasn’t in a huge hurry this time.  Of course, Vera came home with a mood swing to punish me.

Ohmygosh seriously?  

Tevin visited and was enlisted to help.

*sigh*  I already sold your microscope.  Now you gotta bounce off to talk to plants?

There, that’s better.

Unna working on her gaming skill while chatting with Wren who was making me crafts.

Everyone up and eating breakfast together.

While mom cooks more.  Always cooking I swear.

This is so cute!  I should have bought toddler books in the beginning.

Awe, gonna play with your sister?

Spoke too soon.

I didn’t notice until I was canceling it out that he was watching TV and reading a book at the same time!

More A’s.

Let’s just get the toddlers ready to age up too.  That would be ideal.

Giving Yumi a second wind.  You can do it!

We’re all waiting on you, Yumi.

She was very tired so the toddlers went first.  Look at them all lined up for their turn.

Yumi was immediately off to bed then it was Zed’s turn.

And then 26’s.

Our first look at the heir as a child.

26 was tired too.  Off to bed with him and it’s now Wren’s turn.

Then Xyla’s.

Can you umm… move?  So your sister can age up!  Anyway, Unna’s turn…

Then Veda’s.

Kinda a group after pic.  They weren’t leaving yet but I didn’t want to forget the selfies…

So, I guess I somehow forgot to get their final trait pics.  *sadface*  Here are their rolls to make up for it.

For the first time ever we didn’t have enough beds!  Unna and Veda had to share mom’s.  Surprisingly, she wasn’t tired.


This scared the hell out of me!  Everyone was sleeping and I looked up and saw this woman just standing there!

I’m uh pretty sure he’s Bekka and Caelyn’s half-brother but it’s far enough removed I decided to just leave it.

Gosh, now that really puts the timeline into perspective now doesn’t it?

Like your pets there do ya, Odyssa?

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