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End My Suffering Gen 1 Alphababy Ch 14

Build up your strength kiddos!  School today.

Or not?  Darnit!

School project time.

I’ve never once seen that bridge!  I can only assume it’s because Amelia helped and she had level 9 logic at the time.

Yumi got a B their first day despite going to bed directly after aging up.  The only thing I can think of is that she pondered moves on the chess set before school and got the mental to 2 since they all start just before 2 after aging up.

Both of the boys inherited the active trait from their dad as children and thus are going for high motor skill.

Extra credit for Wren and Xyla now that their projects are done and needs are up.

This was a nice change.  I only had a few of them go for motor as their needed skill.

He was Bekka and Caelyn’s dad.

If you’re going to stay out there at least sit on the swing.

Birthday time for the teens!  

Unna was visiting.  Mom had to bake another cake first.  I don’t know why I kept insisting on using the honey cake it doesn’t last nearly as long.  

Wren first…

Then Xyla.  Selfie time!

Look at that!  What an extremely strange sight!

Homework time!

Not often we had just a relaxed chat in this household.

Yay!  It took most of her life but we did it!

Oh gosh you’re sick?!

Drink some OJ and go take a nap.  If her mental skill wasn’t high enough at this point it was very close.

Thankfully, the boys never got sick.  They had a good time swinging and sliding.

Mom began stocking the fridge with a huge amount of food for tomorrow’s family reunion.

In the meantime, let’s just ensure that the kiddos will get an A Monday.  Yumi already had her bar full so she had no worries.

Why do my sims keep doing them quickly when I tell them to do it carefully?!

So cute.  Mom’s back to cooking.

Yumi was still wide awake from her napping when the boys went to bed.  Tomorrow morning is the reunion.  Now, I invited approx 60 sims all with the last name Marx.  I have my sims per zone set to 35 and so not all showed at once.  All of the spouses I made leave.  There were a few households that had family living in the same house as mine that were renamed Marx that weren’t related so I had to fix those.  I just made people leave off and on until more stopped arriving.  Okay here we go!

Welcome to Stormy tries to figure out an extremely complicated (to me) slider plug-in!  I’ve got it set to go fairly quickly.  If you hover over the photo you have the options to pause, go backward, or go forward.  I decided not to caption it.  I felt like it distracted from the pictures themselves.  

[smartslider3 slider=”5″]

All partied out bud?  You may have noticed that 26 spent a lot of time during the reunion meeting all of the nieces and nephews.  (I really want to say cousins!)

Mom proudly adds everyone’s names into a little genealogy journal she’s been working on.

26 is very interested in the journal.


I found Zed out here hanging from the monkey bars.  Bedtime!

The only time Yumi ever showed her hot-headed side.  Good thing she’s already set for the A in school.

Yay!  The sound actually scared me so badly I paused in reaction and was able to screencap this quickly.

Well, this is it.

Yumi first…

Zed next…

And finally, 26.

A rare treat, they get to eat the cake instead of adding candles and putting it back in the fridge.

While Zed and Yumi start in on their homework as-per-usual 26 claims he’s tired.

Have a nice nap, T.  We’ll see you soon.


One of the twin grandchildren that had the wrong last name.  I had to give her a makeover.  Poor girl.

Okay so, I took this pic because it was funny how many dogs they had but, if you follow me on Twitter and know about Cupcake already, she’s the third one from the left.  If you don’t well… that’s Cupcake who you’ll meet in a few chapters who is also the Cupcake that mated with another Cupcake and I made a joke about it a few chapters back.

I saw this woman walking with this ridiculous get-up…

She’s one of the wives!  That’s not one of her outfits either.  So weird.

I thought the umbrella was supposed to prevent that?

Zed’s party wear.  Like he couldn’t decide between formal and ultra-casual.

The Runaway Intro

A/N: This challenge was a blast.  I credit most of that to Amelia although her constant cheerfulness and peppy step drove me up the wall in the end.  If I make it through the whole End My Suffering challenge you’ll see her again someday.  The nice part about this one is I can do one generational challenge and then go back to the next gen at a later date.

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