TS4→ The Runaway 2.2: Ghostly Encounters

End My Suffering Gen 2 Runaway Teen Ch 2

26 heard someone talking about this old museum on the island that nobody ever goes to.  When he went in he saw a really bright lantern.  The one at his camp is really dark.  Nobody will miss this if they don’t go here anyway right?

After looking around he found a computer and decided to go back to those forums he’d found and read the responses.  People sure do get riled up about silly things.

He heard a noise outside and went to investigate and found… ghost pets?  Probably the reason nobody comes here at night!

Too cool!  He met a floppy-eared dog he decided looked like a Cupcake… for whatever reason.

As he got to know him, other dogs kept showing up.

The other dogs were cool too but he felt an instant bond with Cupcake.

As the sun rose the dogs all vanished and he headed back to camp.  Some girl was walking by and started chattering away about being nice and positivity.  Then she just wandered back into the forest.  Weird.

The thought of using the bush as a toilet again didn’t appeal so he decided to kill two birds with one stone since he needed a shower too.

He was about to head back to the pawn shop when he caught sight of a food stall out of the corner of his eye!

Food!  Real… warm… food!  He missed his mother’s cooking so much.

He decided that while he was there he’d have a look around for more things that Kyat might buy.  He ended up spending hours searching.

He popped into the back room and managed to talk Kyat into buying a few items.

He saw one of his nieces on the way out that he’d thought was pretty cool, Gabby, and decided to test the waters.  She didn’t remember him since he hadn’t aged up when they met so he just went with it.

Actually, there were so many sims at that reunion most of them probably didn’t remember him.  He decided to stick around and chatted with a goofy little kid for a while.

26 headed to the vet office before returning to the haunted island.  The ghost dog, Cupcake, was sick so he purchased a wellness treat.  He noticed there is an ambrosia treat as well but there’s no way he can afford that!


He arrived on the island but Cupcake was nowhere in sight.

He was petting this dog while waiting but it went to sleep.

He checked the creepy graveyard but there were only a few cats.

He returned “home” disappointed.

Although, it’s not really much of a home.

It was Saturday and since all of the other kids would be out of school he thought he’d make the trek to Granite Falls.  Unfortunately, he forgot it’s nearing winter.

Still, he decided to make the best of it.  He’d already paid for a night’s camping.

Cool bugs!

Even cooler!  He couldn’t imagine another insect could possibly be cooler than this one!

Either she’s lost or there’s some sort of pirate party in the forest.

He was growing lonely and so was relieved when a boy named Jiffy Pancakes introduced himself.

He was a really sweet kid and they talked like pirates jokingly since they’d both seen the pirate lady.  

Before Jiffy left, he gave 26 a hug.

He thought he might as well grill up some of the fruits he’d found.  Maybe a grill to spruce up his camp?  Hot food sure is nice.

He made his way back to his camp area and collected some more items he thought Kyat might buy and was so preoccupied he didn’t realize how badly he had to go!

Whew!  It was cold and dark and just generally miserable so he decided he might as well just leave.

When he’d seen Kyat last he’d talked 26 into buying a silly dog statue that Kyat insisted looked like the ghost dog.  It didn’t but 26 bought it anyway.  It now sat proudly by the cool dragon insect.  What to do now?

He decided that if the forest was cold and miserable perhaps he’d have better luck in the jungle.  The jungle camp was just as sparse.  That’s okay, he didn’t plan to stay here anyway.

He made his way to the marketplace and took a moment to admire the statue there.

Adventure gear huh?  Well, you know what they say… nothing ventured nothing gained.

One of the vendors, Cipriano, was a teenager too so he chatted with him for a bit.  He had to give props to anyone who tried to sell their homework.  He got some more gear from him.

Real food.  Warm food.  He savored every bite even if it was spicier than he was accustomed to.

And then he was off to the jungle trailhead.  Seems public bathrooms are disgusting no matter where they are!  (26’s jungle excursion to be continued.)


Another niece.

This one made me sad.  He was my favorite when I played that household.

I spotted Yumi after her young adult makeover.  Freaking adorable.

Speaking of aging up.

I really liked Jiffy!

Seems the developers didn’t think about weather when they made sims march around in hiking gear.  That’s Evie Delgato, Kira’s mom.

Chapter 2.3

Chapter note: The jungle camp is aptly named Jungle Campsite by amesxoxo on the gallery.  It costs the same as the one in Granite Falls to rent.

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