TS4→ The Runaway 2.3: The Temple Hurt My Feelings

End My Suffering Gen 2 Runaway Teen Ch 3

Time to continue 26’s jungle excursion.

Did I mention it was raining?  He left the cold and snow in Granite Falls to uh… warm rain?  Oh, and there were snakes!  And he had no umbrella.  Such is life.

He dug through all of the piles searching for anything he could sell to Kyat.

And lost his machete requiring him to use his hands to make his way through the brambles.

What a view!


And more dig piles.

And more clawing his way through vines.

It was growing dark when he found a small clearing with a chest.

And another dig pile.

Continuing forward he was clearing vines when he was attacked by bats!

The temple!

Thankfully, he had brought supplies.

I thought viewing these might be fun… no such luck.

Nope, not fun either.

I guess fun can wait.

He got a fair amount of sleep before he was woken by spiders.  He’d used all of his spray and thus was bitten this time.  Whew, not poisonous!

He really has no skills and so he wasn’t able to discern if most of the options were correct.  He failed the first one.  So much for the spider not being poisonous.

Oh c’mon now, was poisoning him a second time really necessary?

26 really does have terrible luck.

You think I’m wrong?  Look, he finally unlocked the gate, right?  This was the only option left!

These skeletons look so cool!

At that point, 26 had had enough.  He was hungry and filthy and needed the restroom badly.

He found a toilet/shower combo on his way back to the marketplace.  Time to take care of other pressing matters.

Like seeking an antidote from one of the vendors.  What was that tourist looking at?  Weirdo.

More food.  He decided he kinda likes the spiciness of it now.

The teen vendor, Cipriano, that he’d met earlier sat to chat with him and told him tales about the jungle.

He purchased even more supplies for his return trip to the temple.

He noticed an archaeology table nearby and thought he’d try to see what’s within this huge dirt clump he’d been hauling around.  (Seriously, where’d he keep that?)

On his way out he had a quick chat with the statue.  He probably looked like an idiot, although he’d seen locals doing it, he hoped she might give him some luck.  Being poisoned again didn’t sound appealing.

When he returned to the temple he decided to get some sleep before going forward.  It’s not much creepier than his “cave.”

He figured out the puzzle on the first try!  Truly, he must have been blessed.

Another chest!  Which is apparently, where his luck ran out.

At this point, 26 was feeling utterly alone in this world.  Truly, he started thinking about how his entire family must hate him, how he has no friends, and he can’t even find the ghost dog.  He took his frustrations out on the guardian… and it opened the gate!

He found one chest like the others…

And another that contained the most glorious golden frog figurine.  He looked around but saw nothing else of interest in the temple.

Hungry, and altogether feeling miserable he went back to the marketplace to find food.

When someone approached him they would become blessed.  How could being around him bless others when he’s so miserable?

He saw another teenage local.  She doesn’t look too friendly.

He talked to her anyway and learned her name is Kiara and nothing more than that because she became blessed as well and that seemed like all she was interested in.

He began to realize it’s more of a curse because people would approach him, say something, become blessed, and walk away.  Even the vendor closed down her stand to talk to him!

Despite his loneliness, he decided to avoid people altogether and take a look at some of the items he’d collected.

He even started to feel like he might possibly know what he’s doing.  He bought a table of his own from a vendor and headed home.

And returned to a winter wonderland and freezing temperatures.  Let’s hope the blankets on the cot are insulated.


He had almost every travel supply, except fire quencher.  Guess which one all of the chance cards called for without skill?

Poor guy.

Joy eh?  Are you sure about that?

Talk about preying on his weakness!  Mean temple!

Hasn’t he been in this phase all along?

I kept getting notifications of brothers and sisters aging up.

This cracked me up!  Leave it to the game to marry two of the sims I’d given funny names to each other.  I gave them the last name Behr but on Twitter ElderJymm suggested Big-Behr so I’ve been changing them when I see them.

Chapter 2.4

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