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End My Suffering Gen 2 Runaway Teen Ch 4

26 had barely gotten any sleep at all after returning from the jungle before he was attacked by spiders!  Had they followed him back?

His first stop was the pawn shop to see Kyat.

Kyat was really happy to buy most of the items he’d found and somehow talked him into buying a skeleton replica before he left.  He decided not to mention the golden frog figurine.

And then it was Winterfest.  Everywhere he went was decorated.  

He decided that since practically everywhere would be mostly empty anyway with everyone celebrating with family, he’d treat himself to a warm meal.

After eating he spotted a skating rink.

Obviously, he’d never skated before but it was fun to attempt it.

And he warmed up with some cocoa before leaving the area.

He was feeling pretty good about himself and spent more time than usual at the gym working out before he used their shower.  He thought facing the wall would be the easiest way to keep hidden.

After the gym, he wandered a few buildings down to the museum.  He really was beginning to feel lonely and thought if he practiced talking to people he might be more comfortable.

He grabbed a few souvenirs before heading out.

He went to the island museum as he does every night and soon was bombarded by women.  Why were they here?  

He decided to just cut his losses and go home.  He still had some items he’d found in the jungle he wanted to clean up before showing them to Kyat.

He really needs to buy a toilet.

Truly, even with the spider webs cleared out and the weeds pulled, the cave isn’t a very cozy place to be.

He took the items he’d cleaned up to show Kyat and he bought a few as well as some of the ones he hadn’t wanted before.

The front of the shop was full of family!  Including his triplet brother Zed.  How strange it is to be a teen when your brother that was born at the same time is a young adult already?

He spent a while in the back chatting with Kira’s twin brother Karter until Zed left.

He was really getting sick of granola and cereal from the cooler so when he noticed that the Windenburg gym had a little kitchen he cooked up something.

It was an attempt at one of the meals he’d eaten in Selvadorada.  Not bad!

He watched a movie on the TV there while working out and just ignored everyone around him.  There never seems to be anyone his age in the gym anyway.

He went to the park next door after that hoping there might be some teens or even children hanging out but since it was a blizzard it wasn’t the best idea.  His niece Crissy chatted with him for awhile and a girl that’s like the step-daughter of one of his brothers or something… whatever.  Doesn’t matter because she’s not very nice.

Back to the museum.  Thankfully, there was nobody there this time.  Looks like that woman finished her painting and left it here.  It kinda reminded him of the ghost pets.

He sat and read for a bit while waiting to see if any would show up tonight.

And they did.

He saw a dog that reminded him of the Cupcake he’d met the first night.  He decided to call her Cupcake as well.

They spent the entire night playing!  She’s a very sweet dog.

When he asked her if she wanted to come home with him the strangest thing happened!

When they got back to the camp Cupcake immediately began to explore.

Every nook and cranny had to get a good sniff.

She even tested the bush out for squirrels.  Thank goodness 26 had found a toilet or that would be very gross indeed!

She did eventually calm down and took a nap on the cute floor pillow 26 found.

In the light of day he was able to get a closer look at Cupcake and saw that she was sick.  He tried feeding her the wellness treat he’d bought for the first Cupcake but she wouldn’t eat it.  He decided to just take her to the vet.  He looked again at the ambrosia treats.  No way could he afford one of those.

While waiting for a vet to return he chatted with his niece Gabby who was there with her cats Peanut Butter and Elliot.

Shockingly, vets don’t treat ghost pets!  If they can’t be taken to the vet and they won’t eat wellness treats how can they be sick?  While pondering that quandary, he made his way to a food stall.

He splurged and got a meat bone meal for Cupcake.  It’s the least he could do since he was clueless as to how to cure her sickness.

They returned to the haunted island and he read another book.  He still hadn’t given up hope that he’d find the first Cupcake.  

When he bought the toilet he’d also purchased a tub.  Good thing too since Cupcake needed a bath.  How a ghost can get dirty is a question for another day.  She got her bath and he got his bath then they slept most of the day away.

He stopped in to see Kyat but didn’t have much to offer to sell this time since he’d been busy with the dog.  Kyat mentioned that he’d heard about two dogs both named Cupcake that were mates.  Maybe his dog is one of them?

That night he returned to the haunted island and looked up the story.  Indeed there had been two mated Cupcakes!  And they looked like his Cupcake and the other ghost Cupcake he’d met the first night.  Too cool!  Maybe that’s why he felt such a pull towards them both?  He waited hours but when the other dog never showed up he went back home to sleep the day away yet again.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  26 decided to apply for a small loan so that he could afford the ambrosia treat and finally take care of Cupcake’s sickness.

He wasn’t sure what to expect.  She ate the treat even though she wouldn’t eat a wellness treat spun up into the air shining and then… nothing.

Ghost or not he was able to get her treated now.  Oddly, once the vet put the cone on her she was no longer a ghost.

Awe look at you!  What a fun surprise seeing the ghost dog not as a ghost.

Oh.  Umm… spoke too soon?

She didn’t seem to care.  She hopped right into the little pool and started swimming.

But was unhappy about the cone.  The cone that he couldn’t take off because she’s a ghost… again.  Will Cupcake ever not be a ghost?  Stay tuned.  


26 talking to Kyat after returning from the jungle.  Guess what’s on his mind?  

I was looking around to see if there were any teens and realized that everyone on the street was standing still on their phones.  So weird.

I’d actually been hoping she’d have a baby.

Something weird is going on in my game and I don’t know if it’s a mod or what.  Even in his cold weather wear he’ll begin to freeze if he’s inside with no thermostat.  I’ve had to add them to every place he goes.

Holidays alone suck.

No surprise there.

Have I mentioned how much blizzards annoy me?

Gee thanks for telling me.  I’m trying!

Ghost dogs can even drink from the toilet.

After taking out all mods and repairing my game… still a ghost.

I noticed all these pups in one of the family households!  No clue who left them when they moved but I gave them to Amelia.  She must be lonely alone.

Chapter 2.5 coming soon!

Chapter note:  I’m sorry if this chapter is extremely grumpy.  The whole ghost dog debacle still has me upset.  Apparently, they didn’t anticipate people like me thinking ghost dogs would be cool and didn’t give a way to cure them of sickness.  The stuck ghost thing I’ve seen before.  It happened to James Turner in his Seasons Let’s Play.  I’ve actually only played one sim day past this.  You know how it is, something gets me upset enough I quit playing altogether.  Usually, I just move on to another game for a while but I actually haven’t played at all.  Nope not true, I started playing Sims 3 SNAFU again.

**If you didn’t know already, the atm loan thing is one of LittleMsSam’s mods.**

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