TS3→ SNAFU Apocalypse 3.9: To China and Back

SNAFU (situation normal, all f***ed up)

Gen 3 Chapter 9

Hello my people!  I am here to save you from… this.  Well, maybe.  That “refugee camp” is such an eyesore.

I must have, at some point, pulled out the color swatch that incidentally I used in quite a bit of the recoloring.  So before I could even start playing I had to fix it.  Not all of it.  I realized it’s all over the town too!  Look it matches Ivan.

My pets!  I forgot that Pax had aged to elder last time I played.

Ugh I’m so tired of this camp.  I suppose if I could hire maintance people it wouldn’t be so frustrating.  But there’s also the fact that I have to watch the clock constantly in order to remember to change the breakfast/lunch/dinner buffet or sims freak out.

And we have our newest addition.  I’m really curious about her skin color whether it’s one of the dragon skins or if the game defaulted to an alien color.

And everyone was upset about Ingain’s passing.  Mourning sims in this game are… frustrating.

I’ve been really looking forward to this trip to China.  Laniek is here to learn martial arts as a way of proving to the government that sims can defend themselves.  Breeyo is here continuing her mission to repair trade.

Which means doing these quests.

Otherwise known as “do something for me I’m too lazy to do myself.”

Yikes, Laniek.  I’m pretty sure slapping it is bad form.

That’s better.  Fake it ’till ya make it, eh?

Breeyo was off to her quest which ended up just being one of those starter ones that makes sure you know how to do all the steps.

Meanwhile, Laniek has gotten her first belt.

Are you really amazed?  Because you saw stuff a lot cooler in Egypt.

She doesn’t look very confident.

With good reason I suppose.

She found a bunch of chests but none of them contained anything of interest.

Laniek was just zooming through the levels and got another belt!

While her sister got soaking wet well diving.

And found the end of the temple… or whatever it’s called.

You’re this high of a level and still slapping the thing?

It must be working for her.  That view tho.  Also, it was getting dark which meant curfew.

More crying while making the daily PB&J.

Whether Breeyo is allowed out at night or not is confusing to me.  I looked over the rules again and they weren’t clear.  I know she was out at night in Egypt but back then she was usually in a temple.

Laniek played some chess.  She needs to master logic although she’s almost there already.

I saw on the rules that they can use the shower in a can.  Which I later realized was a waste since she has the trait that allows her to sponge bathe in the sink.

I was really excited that Breeyo had a quest to go in here.

I remembered being in here.  Probably in my Gnome Crazy save.

Bugs again!

Frustratingly, when she got to a cool part of the dungeon it popped up that her task was complete and she needed to report back!  This house is really neat.

Now she had to find some metals.  Shockingly, they were all located in one spot.  This is the first time this has ever happened to me!

Although, she took the strangest path to get there.  There was a road right next to them!

Finally, it was 6am and Laniek could return to the academy!

I had her breaking foam boards at first.  I don’t even know if she was getting skill from it.

C’mon kid you’re ruining my zen!  I swear he looks just like Mortimer Goth.

Yes!  A new belt.  And she looks so fancy in this outfit.

I should have known better than to be excited about all 3 needed items being in one spot!  The next ones needed required her to practically scale a mountain and took most of the day.

Even worse news?  I’m not sure if it was because she was board breaking or what but Laniek became fatigued and couldn’t do any more training.  The most frustrating part is that she was sooo close to the next level that gives her the ability to meditate.

Here’s your freaking gems!  Next, the lady wanted some insects.  But I couldn’t find the darned things on the map anywhere!

I sent her back to the lodgings hoping that with time the bugs would appear.

But, they never did!  So she dropped the quest.

Next, the relics merchant had her running all over the place yet again to find items for her.  I feel like she just wanted stuff to sell but whatever.

Thankfully, Laniek was able to practice again.  I decided to avoid the board breaker.

But then she got an opportunity to spar with someone.  Another cool looking house.

Right to business then.

Yay!  Got one of the 10 defeats needed for her mission.

Whatever Breeyo’s next task was in the new quest she couldn’t do it either.  The only other adventures available were a fishing one and one requiring her to write a book but there’s no computer at the lodgings.  I realized she has no skill and thus it’s very doubtful she’ll actually catch the fancy fish needed so had her stop.

Meanwhile, Laniek returned to this lady to tell her what she learned sparring with that guy.

And was told she needs to learn to meditate.  Since it was snowing she had to use this little room.

I was really stressing by the time she finished meditating.  It was getting dark!

The woman then asked her to do something that had nothing to do with martial arts and would have been a quest much better suited to Breeyo’s mission which was again frustrating.

Back to the lodgings just before the full moon struck!  Apparently, Breeyo had no cooking skill at all.  Not even enough to make a PB&J and had to wait for Laniek to return.

They played chess until they were whisked off back home.  Awe poor elder Pax.

Taylery’s needs were pretty bad so grandpa tended to her while mom and auntie returned home.

Quick gnome check.

Ah, joy.  Back to checking on Xerie every few minutes to have her clean and repair things.

The rest of the day was literally spent getting everyone’s needs up.  Not an easy task when considering the fact they only have one cheap toilet that keeps breaking!  Anyway, I was checking on Xerie and almost missed Jariek aging up!

I guess overalls will do.

Taylery needed attention again.  I’m already looking forward to her being a toddler.

Meanwhile, Pax was hanging out in the library meeting strange people.  Actually, his skin color looks just like Taylery’s.

And Laniek is back to training.  Out of all of them, she has the most difficult mission.

I heard the haunting music and looked to see who it was and saw this random soldier hanging out in the backyard.

One of the ghosts was haunting the bookcase and it was making the strangest noises!

I thought someone was getting abducted!

He’s quite the handsome alien.  They usually look pretty weird.

He started walking through the gate.  Weirder and weirder.

And so the ghost of the random woman that died in the meteor attack haunts.  

What is he doing here???

And where did that car come from???  I looked a few minutes later and it was gone.  Apparently, when they went to China they took the junky truck.

I had Breeyo go out and talk to the alien because she had this wish…

Umm… you do know your mostly alien yourself right?

She also wanted to learn his sign.  They became friends but then he mysteriously left.  So freaking strange!  Oh well.  Might have been cool.  Although, she is technically married.

Chapter 3.10 coming soon!

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