TS4→ Random Legacy II Extra: Why the Rewind?

I was thinking that this explanation will probably be kinda long and would take away from the chapter that’ll be published in the next day or two.  So, I decided to write something up in a in-between extra chapter.

As you might know, I’ve been replacing all of the Flickr pics with my saved screenshots for everything that’s been written recently.  While I was doing so on the “midlife crisis” chapter ie the chapter before this, something occurred to me.  A midlife crisis is supposed to be a turning point in a person’s life.  Maybe for good maybe for bad but regardless it’s something that person chooses.

And therein lies the crux of the matter.  When I did Luna’s midlife crisis rolls, which I’ll admit I was very upset about, I made the whole thing something that happened to her not a choice she personally made.  I actually decided to remove all of the events that happened post-birthday and renamed the chapter.  In case you’re reading this sometime in the future and didn’t read the original, let me review:

  1.  She had to have a breakup- This was very upsetting to me because I really liked Fernando and I’d even hoped that she’d roll to get together with him.  I didn’t realize until later that there was no such roll… something I remedied.
  2. She had to give birth to or adopt another child- This upset me because it meant another heir vote and if the new baby won I’d have to wait ages to start the next generation.  I’d decided that the best solution to that was having her “adopt” some unknown kid of Fernando’s.  This gave me the reason for her breaking up with him.
  3. She had to change a trait- After Fernando left she went on the computer and recorded a rant.  It was actually a work task.  But this made her lose a lot of followers so I thought maybe the best change was from outgoing to loner.  Again, the result of her followers not something she chose.

More changed that I didn’t publish yet.  In order to make room for the newly adopted child of Fernando’s, I’d moved Addison out.  Then, to make things even worse Moonbeam died and none of them reacted to it!  By then, I was completely miserable and quit playing altogether.

What changed then?  First of all, I did the heir poll for a 3rd child and Xavier was voted to remain the heir.  Second, when going over the rules to see if any changes needed made for Get Famous I noticed that I’d made a rule allowing you to replace one rolled child for a pet.  The reason Moonbeam never had any kittens is because Xavier rolled 5 kids.  But, darnit, Moonbeam had already died!

I also realized that Addison isn’t all that far from aging to elder and moving her out was pretty cruel even if I did make up a story about her having a secret online romance.  So, after some thought, I decided to do the rolls again.  I figured that re-rolling the “give birth to or adopt a child” part would be way too cheaty so I rolled until I got a result that included 8.

So here’s her rolls.  Like I said, I kept rolling until I got one with an 8.

I was actually really upset that I had to change her aspiration.  I was having so much fun in the jungle with her and she was on the final level!  Although, it’s not like she’d have much time with kids.  At least her new aspiration fits that. 

I’ll leave the story-based reasons why she did this or that for the next chapter.  As I said, I knew this would end up being a freaking long drawn out explanation so I made it separate.  I know most of you will probably see me doing re-rolls, even if I did keep one, as cheating.  But, I just wanted to have a different story than the original.  And, like I always say, if you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point?

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