Yet More Tests!

I did quite a bit of testing in the last few days.  There are some changes coming in the Third Turning that make some of them necessary and other tests I just felt needed to be done.  I wrote up the gardening and beekeeping results in a separate post on my Stormy Gamez blog… Gardening Test Results.

The first testing I did was for the school.  Basically, I’ll have to start playing Erick and Maxwell’s household during school time.  I’m also making the following changes…

  • Lot traits: Peace & Quiet, Preferences Artistic, Preferences Body & Soul
  • Club tasks: Woodworking, Reading, Writing, Homework
  • Items for each child: Journal, Homework, School Projects

It turns out that the Peace & Quiet lot trait makes sims read longer!  The other two lot traits are by LittleMsSam and encourage painting, writing (typewriters), basketball, yoga, meditating, etc.  Between whatever child I’ve merged with their household and Astrid I’ll be able to make another 6 kids or teachers work on projects.  Erick and Maxwell are able to encourage the kids to do certain things.  Mostly the ones there are no club tasks for.

I’m hoping that by studying the various skill books there I can get more of an idea of what they may be interested in pursuing later in life.  Another bonus to this is once they get some skill in an area Erick and Maxwell can encourage them to do those tasks.  I already tried all of this out with Axel when I played his household and it worked out very well.  My main problem now is how long it takes everyone to leave once the meeting is over.

It’s really great seeing them all busy trying out new things!

I next teamed up with my new favorite test sim Cheddah Cheese for some other tests.  Mostly gardening on this lot.  Those test results are linked above.

I was also trying to decide what to do about the strays.  I’ve mentioned that Khaled, Butter, and Ragtime are close to elderhood.  Which means the strays are as well.

So, I went around and collected and added them all to the household.

I also wanted to get a good look at them all… for Ragtime.  The calico there has a similar disposition but the Siamese type one is fluffy like him.  I haven’t decided what exactly to do about all of these strays but it seems cruel to leave them all roaming as elders.  I also wanted to be sure which of my townie control mods it is that prevents new strays from spawning.  It’s the NPCC one if you were wondering.  I did take it out briefly the first Spring Fling day because I was worried about the Flower Bunny.  This resulted in the cool ghost pets now roaming the island.

The final test which, incidentally, I didn’t take pics of other than this was if I can somehow store everyone’s foodstuffs at the park.  Full inventories cause lag.  They ALL have full inventories.  Coolspear does make some modded personal storage items.  One of which was the coolers they used to have.  But, I don’t want to be dependent on a mod for something so important.  After a bunch of tries, I finally found something that works.  The street stores!  They’re portable.  Each household can purchase one and I can leave them in a hidden basement and store their stuff in them.  Unfortunately, the cooking ingredients that I use… flour, eggs, cooking meat, etc. won’t drag in.  So, I’m going to give them all one of those storage chests to keep in their homes.  They can also use it to store other items so it’s a win-win.  They can keep a few of each ingredient in their inventory to cook with and the bulk in the storage chest.

One more interesting tidbit that I noticed was that if I dragged cooked food inside it changed to 6 days before spoiling.  This will be quite helpful preparing for parties in advance since I’m no longer going to do the cheaty free rooms from the gallery.  I’d really like to try to find a way to have sims like Michelle and Christian with no cooking skill to purchase food from someone else but since these inventories are only accessible by the sim that owns them that doesn’t help.  The only option I can see is having them for sale at the depot.  I believe they are good for something like 12 or 20 days in a store but that requires more merging to put them for sale… we’ll see.

We ended the testing with the adoption of this really awesome stray that showed up and a celebratory grand breakfast.  After which I made yet another list of all of the crops and divvied them up between our gardeners.  The real time-consuming task is the planting.  I’m thinking if they do it as a group sort of like the old-fashioned barn-buildings it’s doable.

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