The Ultimate Townie Test!

**Results may vary.  Do not do this at home.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Do not wear pumpkin heads... or sombreros.  You might get deleted.**

Yes, that’s right.  Just when you thought the testing was over more begins!  The problem was that when I played the last two households the game started generating townies.  You know townies are the bane of my existence and I’ve stated why more times than I’d like to admit.  Suffice to say I had to figure this out once and for all!

Which, apparently, results in my simself being passed out on the kitchen floor after cooking herself something to eat.

Cheddah was cooking something as well and Spatula was filthy and passed out.  The fridge was even broken!  I swear to you that I was not away from the computer all that long.  How do sims survive without us???

Just as I was sending Stormy to sleep I saw an unknown teen.  Test failed.  Marking every single sim in the save as unplayed had no beneficial effects.

Let’s start out on a good note this time shall we?  I decided to babysit them while watching hours of youtube videos.

Test two was simple.  Go back to the original save and leave the newly generated townies but plop them all onto lots and see if more are generated.  The worst part about townies is having them all homeless and needing to plop them all on lots to do height adjustments.  There was a snag though.  I couldn’t tell if they were the ones I’d put on lots or if new ones were generated in addition to them.  Hence the sombreros.  All of the moms and teen daughters got them.  All of the boy children got pumpkin heads.  The really weird thing I noticed though which is why I took the above pics are that all of them were generated with vampire teeth!  (I discovered later that it was bad CC causing it!)

Here we go.

Meanwhile, we played blocks.  Because, apparently, we’re both childish.  Fun!

Spatula learned not to wake sims and got a bath.

Snoozer gave himself a bath.  Stay tuned to the end for a funny Snoozer video!

So, by this point in the testing, I had every single sim living on a lot and decided to mark them all mine… that heart thing… whatever it’s called.  You might not remember this but in the original tests prior to the beginning of Turning 2 whenever I did that sims would randomly walk around in the Day of the Dead outfits.  I was afraid that I wasn’t seeing them because they were on the island so I moved them into Declan’s house so I could watch the neighborhood for any signs.  None.

Have you figured out by now that I was enjoying myself?  LOL!

I swear if dog training doesn’t stick when saving them to the library I’m gonna cry!  (Note from the future: It does!!!)

Oh, Cheddah.  You too?

Spatula found a toy.  I’d just removed the mod that makes it so that only toddlers play with toys from their inventory.  During the testing, I remembered why I started using it in the first place.  Children will spawn and immediately kneel to play with the toy… on the docks.  I should have taken a picture but by the time the testing was done there were like 10 toys left there.

Calm down Cheddah!

I would sometimes forget why I was doing this and then a sombrero or pumpkin head would walk by.

More counting and obsessing.  Also, Daisy don’t you be looking at your sister’s man like that!  Rylee!  Get away from the sombreros!  At some point, I began to wonder if these hats might make them angry or something?

Tatum knows something fishy is going on.  Don’t tell anyone Tatum!

No new households were generated over a few days time so I decided to try another test.  The game always generates the same household structure for filter_ages_children.  A mother, teen daughter, child son.  So I wondered if the six teens were even required at all.

Aha!  A new teen was generated after deleting all of the teen girls!  Why are they all so angry all the time?  Is it because the game dressed you weird?  Is it because you know you’re getting deleted soon?

Meanwhile, we entertained ourselves with Spatula.

Please tell me this is because he has the erratic trait?  Is there finally a funny use for that trait?  Also, why does his naked outfit include a hat and glasses?  I have so many questions.  (Yet another note from the future: yea it’s that trait.)

That dog is a figment of your imagination.  None of this happened.

About here is when I started to get worried.  It felt like there were more pumpkin heads than my own kids.  It’s an invasion!

There’s some of mine.  I started searching… counting… obsessing.

While training the dog of course.

I couldn’t stand it.  I had to know if there was a difference between the played and unplayed households.  Are the pumpkin heads there more often or is it just their eerie glowing eyes that make them more noticeable?

This part of the testing lasted a few more days but there really aren’t screenshots because I became distracted by something else which, thankfully, made me stop counting pumpkin heads and not pumpkin heads!

Through all of the testing, I tried very very hard not to pay any attention to what was happening.  If I noticed I’d need to screenshot.  To screenshot I’d need to pause.  If I paused it would take even longer to do the testing… and on and on.  But, this was too cute to resist!

In the end, I deduced that the 6 pumpkin heads plus the one teen was enough.

Other stuff happened… we toasted to our success.  Where the heck did those drinks come from???  And it was over right?  Right?

Wrong!  *sigh*  I woke up the next morning and started trying to figure out exactly how many kids I needed in the ‘hood at all times to prevent new randoms from spawning when I suddenly started doubting it all!  I went back in.  I deleted all of the pumpkin heads and I waited.  Six again.  Deleted all the teen sisters.  One teen generated… again.

I made sure every single sim in the save was marked as played… same.  I started writing and charting and graphing and making pages and pages of equations that I’m sure only make sense to me.  Seven hours went by and I only stopped when the game crashed.  I think Stormy was as loopy as me.  I barely looked at the screen this time but when I did I saw here in her pajamas stargazing in a thunderstorm.  Yep, we’ve both lost it!  But hey, we did a lot of dog training… that I’m not sure will stick.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for!  Snoozer swimming in air…

  • The magic number seems to be 15 children and 14 teens.
  • It doesn’t matter if they are living on lots or homeless or even if they are marked played or unplayed.  It doesn’t even matter if they are all jammed into a few big households!
  • Having children in the currently played household at the park doesn’t affect the number.


  • I cannot high speed.  I can not second speed.  I have to pause regularly or the sims all stand looking lost at the spawn point.
  • After 16 or so hours on the lot, the game seems to get confused and even with pausing sims just cluster at the spawn point and the lot has to be left for a little while.
  • After a few days, pumpkin heads go from funny to creepy.

Note:  These results are with several townie control mods and only visiting the park.  I have no idea what the magic number would be or even if there is one without mods and especially visiting other lots since… we have no other lots!

One final note from the future:  Months after this I was discussing these tests on Twitter and how I could never figure out the magic number and was told by Crinrict that there is no magic number and there is no way to prevent townie generation.  Just FYI.  Which makes looking over this chapter while replacing the Flickr pics extremely depressing.

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