Ash Shore Extra: Planting Day

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

As you should know by now since I’ve been blathering on and on about it through most of this last round, the gardening system in Ash Shore is getting a huge overhaul to compensate for the huge Seasons overhaul that Sims did.  And really, I wasn’t growing nearly enough in the first place!  I was sad to see the little circle garden go.

Yikes.  And they only planted the summer crop at Dean and Judy’s.  Time to call in the reinforcements!

Everyone from the gardening families were enlisted to help plant.  When I called it Planting Day I was not exaggerating!

Keane chatted with Patchy since he, sadly, cannot help.

Umm… Isaac?  Those aren’t the plants that need tending bud!  Dean had to go and get his attention and bring him up by the garden.

I think Fish feels left out too.


Tobias!  This is not the time for your constant cellphone obsession!

I guess Fish was just hungry.

Finished!  Moving on…

Sorry, Sierra but you do live in a gardening household even if you won’t live there much longer and thus are enlisted to help out.

The cats were excited about all of the company.  Funny story about that corn…

Previously, you had to plant a corn stalk.  I searched and searched buy mode to no avail.  Finally, I looked on Icemunmun’s download page and saw that it had been changed so that you can plant it!  Doh!

The cats were highly entertaining.

The crops go from winter in the back to summer in the front.  Eventually, they’ll all have planter boxes to make it easier to rotate crops to the front per season.

This is the first time ever that a sim has randomly shown up and knocked on a door in this neighborhood in Windenburg.

Hilarious!  Sorry Casen y’all will depend on the income from crops when you’re not repairing stuff!

All done!  Time to move on.

If you were wondering where Zeke and Dion were this whole time.

This cracked me up!  When they were waiting for the others to show up Chatterbox was hungry and Enzo filled a bowl and called her to eat but Puddin’ zoomed in and got the food first forcing Chatterbox to eat out of the other bowl!

The trees were the most difficult set-up out of the three.  There is one winter tree!  I think I had them plant 2 more of those just so it wasn’t lonely back there.  Then they go forward from fall to summer which there are a lot of.  The trees in the area where Dean, Layla, and Enzo are at the moment are all year round trees.  Mostly lemons.

Chatterbox was sick.  Sorry bud, you’ll have to wait.

Lights were placed.  Didn’t I tell you it was an all day thing?

Poor baby.

Puddin’ poses.

Finished!  It was almost midnight!  They started a little after 7 am at Dean and Judy’s!  I can only assume that changing households somehow filled their needs.

Except for the apples because it was too cold to plant.  But they’re fall trees!  Isn’t it cold in fall?  LOL!

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