Ash Shore Extra: Family First

Rhythm 1/Turning 2/Season 4

The first anniversary…

Mack and Elsa’s was the only anniversary that was celebrated.  Not out of neglect on my part though, I truthfully never thought of it.  Today is their 1st Turning anniversary.  Drew, Everett, Erick, and Maxwell took the kids and Khaled so they could have some alone time.

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Expect more anniversary celebrations in the Third Turning!

Romance Between Worlds…

There is a line that can be drawn between your world and mine.  There are times that I cross that line.  On this day it must have been fate to find myself here with you.  

(I had no idea that Spatula was a girl until she went into heat.  The news was thrilling!  My dog and Khaled?!)

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I think it’s so cool that “my” dog had puppies with Khaled!  I suppose that’s why there’s an excessive number of screenshots.  (From the future: Yikes.)

Introducing Adara and Kareem.  The pups born between worlds!

I Choose You…

(I was rounding up the soon-to-be elder strays including Gucci here.  She was in heat and she was actually one of the ones I’d considered for Ragtime when I had them all living with me during the gardening tests based on the fact that their mannerisms are very similar.)

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That was too easy!  Kittens incoming!  They are sooo similar.

A Confession and a Reunion…

Declan decided this was the day.  He couldn’t put it off any longer.  He’d put it off too long already.

When he’d arrived in Ash Shore with his niece and nephew after the death of his brother and sister-in-law he was bruised and broken.  He avoided everyone.  When he finally did venture out he saw her.  It had been so long ago and he was just a boy back then so he wasn’t sure.

But after learning her name he knew.  This Judy was his older sister that he and their brother Andy thought had perished in the Burnings.

While Judy was skeptical…

Dean and Layla found the idea that they weren’t related laughable.  They look so alike!

Declan finally gets to meet his nephew.

They went inside to get to know each other better.

Dean was thrilled to learn that Declan is a bit snobby like him.  Playful Judy wasn’t!

The rest of the family gave them some time alone.  Declan complimented his sister on how great she looks.

He told Judy about how Tristen’s mother had just brought him the baby and left.

She had a few things to say about that!

But soon they were laughing again.

(The similarity is creepy!)

It was almost morning when Declan said goodbye.

Us Together…

Introducing Brice’s new wife Ashlee and her 6-year-old daughter Melina!  Of course, Rhys knew that Brice had been sneaking around all this time.  After losing her first husband that Ashlee felt was the love of her life she held Melina close and after meeting Brice she was afraid to introduce them.  That all changed with a baby on the way and it worked out for the best in the end anyway!

Open Your Home and Your Heart…

Maxwell was really worried about how Astrid would feel about a new addition to the household.  Erick was confident she would be fine.

While Maxwell babied her, Erick went to pick up Jayson.

Introducing Jayson!  His bio-parents married very young after discovering that she was pregnant.  It was an unhappy marriage and after his father left them she fell in love with a new guy who doesn’t like children and she decided she doesn’t really want to be a mother.  His story is sad but hopefully will be much happier from now on.

Expanding the Family…

I’m not sure how Sophia feels about being a grandmother from her expressions but everyone else seems thrilled!

A Home in More Ways Than One…

16-year-old twins Nat and Tad were raised by their grandparents Calvin and Rita almost from birth.  Now that they’ve both aged to elder they decided to move to Ash Shore for a slower paced quiet life.  They are the first sims who’ve moved from the city.  But, they weren’t really sure what they would do here.

And then Nat found a stray dog that he was told would soon be an elder and took him home.

And so, the Bowman-Holmes family discovered their place in Ash Shore.  They will gather up all of the soon-to-be-elder strays and give them a home.

A Peaceful Life…

They aren’t the only family who’ve left the city after they heard the news that Ash Shore is no longer practically a refugee camp.  The Fisher family made their way here as well.

The mother Tasha, father Lucas, and their 9-year-old son Cory all love the outdoors.

Tasha, in particular, found the city depressing.

10-year-old Erika saw this move as a fun adventure!  More room to run and play.  So much to explore.

The eldest Kayce will soon age to teen and is excited to meet and learn more about all of these new sims in Ash Shore!

New Summer’s Eve Bash!

A/N: The changes and additions will be explained further in the post about the Third Turning changes!

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