The Deed Is Done!

It’s done.  I’ve finally finished replacing all 8,335 Flickr screenshots.  Let us never speak of it again!  While doing that grueling task, I tried to think about what I can do.  I mean obviously, the number of screenshots has gotten out of control!  But really, after my ex left I was playing up to 18 hours a day so it’s not all that surprising that the number of screenshots got out of hand.  I made the video below as sort of a celebration and a chance to use my reward… a mic!  But I feel like I might not have been exactly clear on my plans so here they are if you don’t want to watch the video:

  1. Play like always taking screenshots but record while doing so.
  2. Continue to write chapters with screenshots because above everything I enjoy writing.
  3. Edit the videos taken so I can sort of cut apart and splice together the funny or interesting parts that I’ve never felt I could capture with screenshots.
  4. And, not mentioned in the video, I still need to fix any broken links on 5 different blog sites, create new chapter indexes for all stories on this main site, and make a master index here.  All of which will be time-consuming as well!

I figure with all of that editing in addition to writing and blog maintenance I’ll have more to keep me busy and playing for shorter periods of time which will, in turn, resolve the massive screenshot issue… hopefully!

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