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Generation 4 Chapter 8

Almost as soon as Luna had blown out her birthday candles Xavier and Natalya hurried off to school and so when there was a knock at the door at first she thought it was one of them having forgotten something.

But no, it was her friend and fellow club member Camryn.  She said that her neighbor complained that his cat had mated with a pure white female that looked a bit strange and left the kitten at his house!  Hearing the description, Camryn realized it could be only one cat!  And so she brought the kitten right over.

Welcome to the crazy Carraro family, Midnyte.

Addison was thrilled to see the new little one.

And Luna decided to take this as an opening to discuss something that was on her mind.  You see, she had a dream about a little girl whose mother had died and had no home.  How sad!  And it got her thinking.  How many sims are left behind like that little girl?

Bolstered by Addison’s support she then found Gideon modding the games on her computer and told him of her ideas.

And lastly, she gave her now practiced impassioned speech to Allen.  Who asked the question that none of the others had… what does she want to do about it?

After a few moments considering his question, Luna pulled out her phone and called the local charity office.  She offered to utilize her considerable number of social media followers to help their No Sim Left Behind cause.  They were thrilled and in addition offered her a job!

Moonbeam finally noticed that her kit was here and was sure to show him that she’s top cat in this house.

Feeling happy with her choices she went on to begin showing her support for the cause with her followers and hinting at the fact she’d be concentrating on family and wouldn’t likely have more jungle adventures.

Natalya and Xavier returned home from school in high spirits.

And Luna hollared to them to hurry inside and meet the new family member!

A kitten?!

A kitten is great and all but these two grew up with Moonbeam.

So they were both sure to give their old lady some extra attention so she wouldn’t be left out.  Natalya gave lots of scratches while watching TV with Allen who insisted on standing the whole show.

I suppose the extra attention tipped the scales on Moonbeam’s acceptance of another cat in her home.

Maxwell stopped by but didn’t stay long.  He always spends some time with the kids.

All of this excitement made Luna feel like she needed to be a super parent.  I don’t think the kids mind the extra praise.

Perhaps life will just fall into it’s same routine… just a little changed?

Little and adorable.

Or maybe not?  Grim came to take our Moonbeam that night.

Xavier sadly asked if Moonbeam will be gone forever.  Luna gave him a hug and assured him we’d see her again with the other family ghosts.

A comforting hug for Natalya as well and then they were both sent to bed.

A new addition joins the memorial garden.  Hope you visit soon Moonbeam!

In the morning, feeling heartbroken Luna held Moonbeam’s kitten and thought to herself how sad it would be if Camryn hadn’t brought him to them.  She’d had that dream again about the little girl with no home.

The dream was so real and her uneasiness grew until finally, she called the No Sim Left Behind office inquiring if there was a girl like that.  They assured her there wasn’t but mentioned that there was a recently orphaned little boy who needed a home.

Luna quickly informed the family she was adopting a poor little boy without a home and ran off to the agency.  Soon after arriving home with little Darius.

Of course, everyone was happy.  Toddler cuteness can make anyone smile even if they did lose a little friend so recently.

Trouble-making already?

Best to get a head start on the potty training.

Toddlers and kittens (or puppies) is almost too adorable to bear!

Luna informed Darius that his new brother and sister would be home soon and they watched some cartoons while they waited.

It was a rough day at school for both of them despite the assurances that they’d see Moonbeam again.  Perhaps they should have stayed home but it’s sometimes better to keep busy when sad.

Inside they met the little tyke who made faces and giggled so they both smiled and laughed.  The sadness from losing a friend is still there but welcoming two new family members is enough to ease some of the pain.


Something odd happened when rolling back the save.  Both Luna and Natalya’s ages changed by two days.  I went to where Luna had literally just aged up and it now showed her as 21 days to elder!

This annoys me so much!  Also, it just goes to show how much time she spent in her room writing when Xavier and Natalya were little that she has hardly any Parenting skill.

This was actually a really fitting chance card considering he went from a B to an A in one day.

It makes me happy they can have some sort of relationship still.  Especially for the kid’s sake.

When the kids got home from school I couldn’t find Midnyte.  He was all the way back here!

I realized that this new thing where you can give them jobs is actually pretty cool in this challenge since there are all of the non-traditional jobs!

The real reason Maxwell wasn’t there long.  He’d called wanting to come over and I completely forgot until I saw him in Allen’s room on the computer!

A bit of comic relief to a sad situation.  It looked like Grim got his sythe stuck in the metal contraption in Gideon’s room!

Everyone keeps going into Xavier’s room to look at that light show thing that Father Winter gave him.  Grim doing it was doubly creepy since Xavier was sleeping.

Of course, the house had to get an addition to accommodate a new family member without moving someone out.  I’d thought to make an upstairs but no matter what I tried looked goofy.  What I did was removed the closet space between Allen and Addison’s rooms and moved hers over one more to make a hallway between them.  Thus, the new middle door in the main hallway going to a second hallway…

Which actually leads to Natalya’s new room.  I felt like the older kids should get the bigger rooms.  And so here is Darius’s.  Some of the things are for children but I couldn’t find much to fill it up!

Plus, he only has 5 days left as a toddler anyway.  I am happy they fixed the bug that added all of the kids that weren’t adopted to households.  I rolled between the 4 available toddlers like I did with Gideon and he won.  I always thought it was funny that Gideon looks so much like the rest of the family and now we have Darius who looks like Allen!

Despite me picking the wrong answer on a chance card, Natalya got a B.

And I thought this was really sweet.  Looks like someone still follows her on social media.

Chapter 4.9 coming soon!

A/N: Not sure how “soon” it will be.  I’m planning on playing Ash Shore for a while but I wanted to get this resolved first.  Especially since I had most of the screenshots already and had written a post explaining the reasoning behind these changes.

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