TS4→ That-Whim-Type-Thing Ch 4: Winterfest & Wrong-doers

A/N: Again, just screenshots I had lying around. I haven’t played anything in a month so it’s slim pickens at this point. You may remember that the previous chapter had the beginning of Winterfest in it in which she gave a gift to the chief that he did not appreciate. I thought it was fitting to publish this on Christmas.

Father Winter has arrived!

Unfortunately, she’d had a long day fighting crime.

A present for me?!

Ah, look… a fancy candelabra to glam up the place.

Some belly laughs for Santa.

Queen Cupcake was not impressed.

Apartment neighbors add some interesting entertainment…

She’s like good luck with that. Poor guy.

Ho ho ho! I think she’ll be on the naughty list next year.

Queen Cupcake: Put a love under the tree for me Santa!

Batdog was more amenable. I think we were all wondering why he was still there.

Crime never sleeps and so she was back to work the next day.

Time to find our perp. What a cute doggie!

The place was a ghost town… tumbleweed and all.

All that work and there was nobody else there when she arrived! You’re coming with me!

Gotcha! I wore you down with my expert tactics!

Hahaha! Breaking the tension… on lunch break.

And, that’s where this little chapter ends. Hope it was entertaining.

Yikes. It appears Santa really really likes cats!

Chapter 5 coming at some point in the future!

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