It’s Official

Yes, that’s right. I have squirrel scratch fever! Ha! Just kidding. I know better than to jump into bushes and fight squirrels. Actually, it’s officially been a freaking month since I’ve actually played anything. I did part of a sim day to make the new Random Legacy crisis chapter but that’s about it. I’ve started and stopped a bunch of things including spending days testing and getting the Ash Shore save playable but nothing keeps my attention long enough to even screenshot. I even quit playing that FreePlay mobile game!

This used to happen all the time. It’s why I’d write chapters for a month or more in advance. Inevitably I’d stop playing for who knows how long and have nothing to publish. I don’t really have screenshots for anything recent. Not enough for more than a short “extra” chapter. So, unless I get some burning need to play there’ll either be nothing or I’ll have to dig further back. I have a ton of screenshots from that Sims 3 Runaway in Paradise thing that I never wrote. I’ve been thinking about writing something with those maybe.

I did fix a bunch of the links on the other blog. And I started making pages for the chapter indexes here for everything. Hopefully, I’ll get a burst of energy and finish the darned master index I’ve been planning to do since I got this new blog. Anyway, that’s the deal. I’m pretty much MIA on Twitter too. I guess we’ll see how it goes. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up with some super idea. Doubtful. But hey at least you’re not being barraged by a chapter or more a day for a while! Rejoice.

~Stormy aka Lacie

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