TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 1: Another Runaway

Ah, Isla Paradiso.  I’ve never managed to play here for an extended period of time.  I looked up some tips before starting to make it run smoother.

As per usual when I start a new Sims 3 save, I’m starting with a runaway or orphaned teen.  It’s been 5 months since I started this and I can’t remember if I had some sort of backstory in mind at the time.

I didn’t actually plan to write anything with these but since I’m having a bit of a dry spell play-wise I thought I’d dig them out.  But, the pics are sporadic and kinda random.

She pretty much lived on snow cones at first since I wouldn’t let her earn simoleans unless she sold something at the consignment store.

She has that Unstable trait that randomly changes other traits.  My sim Tessen had it too.

I was pretty shocked at the amount that this one was estimated to get at the consignment store!

She was skating for some fun and some creepy old guy grabbed her hands and started skating with her!

I think this is when I figured out that starting an eating contest is the best way to get my hungry teens fed.

Trying to catch a bird to sell.  Can’t remember if she did or not.

The main way I feed my homeless sims.  I love the community gardens.  Especially since there’s usually stuff ready to harvest from the beginning.

She finally sold enough for a snazzy new bike!  I don’t let them take taxis and “run here” gets old quick.

It was a full moon and I saw this zombie steering a boat.  That’s her camp back there.

Back at the festival the next day and there was this random drowned ghost just floating around.

Meet Munchie!  Life just became much less boring.

Munchie: Come play!

Horse: I can’t get to you!

Horse: I don’t like the way you’re looking at me!

Finally reaches Munchie.  I think the little pup is a bit intimidated.

Munchie: The horse left.  Wanna play with me?

Meanwhile, Celina managed to swindle a complete stranger into helping with her homeschooling schoolwork.

I saw this dude in the background like what?  This is the drawback of deleting all the pre-made townies and letting new ones generate.  They usually look much better but are dressed like idiots.

Random stranger: You’re too short to be a unicorn.

I got a lot of beautiful sky and landscape pics while playing this one.  

There are no words.

A raccoon stopped by to take a nibble of Munchie’s food.  He didn’t know how to react.

Awe.  I miss this little camp.

Poor Munchie got fleas.  Maybe from the raccoon?  Sadly there was no bathtub.

Getting another person at the library to help with school work.  I think it’s the guy that was wearing that animal suit in a previous pic.

I always forget that they can sit on laps.  I think that was more startling than a complete stranger holding him.

Nice birdie.

She started snorkling so that she could learn to scuba dive.  Which is where this whole thing will go eventually.  

A/N: I mostly started writing this today because I’m trying to see how much harder it would be to write with this editor.  I really want to use it because it has all kinds of exciting bells and whistles but I don’t think it’s really meant for my type of posts.  The major drawback is that since the text is individual blocks it doesn’t seem to have any sort of per-post word count… we’ll see.

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