TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 2: Underwater Destiny?

Shortly after her snorkeling endeavors, Celina began scuba diving.

She made a pretty penny off of that falcon she’d found!

Well hello there.

Gotta explore the cave.

I hate how it almost always pops her up onto land. I usually reset whoever’s there to send them home.

And then it’s back home for the night with the pup.

I heard the alien noise and finally found this. Never figured out who they’d abducted.

Muchie found Tiberium. Sometimes it grows without being cut.

It gave the camp a decorated moodlet!

Found another bird to sell.

Playtime with Munchie!

Then he was off in search of more collectibles to sell.

And took a taxi boat to the other side! This game is so weird.

Not going in that cave today.

Random stranger must have been walking around with a brush in his pocket. Munchie approves.

She got a pumpkin at the fall festival.

I was like what?

Nothing to brighten up the beach camp like a bowled octopus eh? She ended up selling it after getting the points for the wish.

What are the chances of meeting a teen boy while scuba diving? Must be fate!

Hello bambi.

Gives you an idea how long it’s been that it’s a full moon again. I almost died laughing that I was able to get the zombie to pose for a pic.

Enlisting another stranger in the library to help with schoolwork.

I’d told Munchie to lay on the couch out of the rain. That didn’t work long.

No respect for books these days!

Back to scuba. It took me ages to realize the chests respawn.

Map piece!

Freaking cave.

I saw this from the map. WTF?

Seriously? He stole the dog’s chew toy! Oh yea I’m sure he can’t hear or see you. Why did she call the police anyway? LOL!

The bone was replaced. Back to bed.

She spotted that boy, Hugo, that she’d met scuba diving. Cute!

And immediately got a wish to kiss him!

Someone else was abducted. Got a better shot this time. I think I’ll leave it there for today. Finding the screenshots order is extremely frustrating since Sims 3 doesn’t date them. I keep having to look at the Flickr album.

Chapter 3

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