TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 3: Mauled!

Hiding inside from the rain with Munchie.

I get the feeling she didn’t enjoy that very much. Good thing we weren’t actively trying to find gnomes and I didn’t have to force her in there over and over to get one eh?

She was out looking for seashells to consign when Hugo and another teen boy showed up.

She chatted with Hugo for a bit. Weirdo ghost-buster lady decided to sun herself practically on top of them. Personal space weirdo.

Another beautiful sky pic. That aurora lighting mod is amazing.

I kept hearing that stupid haunting music and finally found this. Guess weirdo ghost-buster lady was really slacking on the job.

Oh sure. This technically wasn’t a runaway challenge. I just like to start out this way.

I wonder what the mailman thinks of this set-up. Normally, I’d hide the mailbox and trashcan but I really had no intention of publishing this.

Awe, someone has a crush. I love how, in Sims 3, they get these wishes with no help from me. Usually, in Sims 4, I have to flirt at least once myself.

Enough already. I plopped down a elixir consignment store on the outskirts of town. Why?

Tiberium baby! Time to get out of that camp. Gonna get cold real soon.

And, up to this point, all of her meals came from the festivals. She headed there first thing every morning to use the all-in-one restrooms and get meals.

Saying hello to another mermaid. I think they were all elders.

Oh Munchie. We really need to get you inside. Munchie doesn’t seem to mind.

Although, He didn’t kick up a fuss when they bought the houseboat either.

This is the amount of time that had passed before they got an actual home.

Ah, home. Dry and warm. I had to remove practically everything inside so they could afford it.

I got it off of the exchange. I don’t really feel like starting up the game to look for the creator. It’s probably been on there for many years anyway.

And so begins Munchie waking her up every morning.

She couldn’t afford a stove. Which is fine considering she had zero cooking skill.

And finally Munchie is able to get a proper flea bath.

That’s one happy pup! She really liked walking around holding him. Even soaking wet!

I almost died laughing! Kudos to the guru who came up with this stuff.


This was both terrifying and hilarious.

The worst part, aside from almost losing her, was that she had been under water too long!

But hey she caught a puffer fish. Now, I had a puffer fish that looked just like this when we had a saltwater aquarium. Can’t remember his name but I was extremely attached to the little guy.

Another beautiful sky. I had been sad leaving the camp’s view behind but this one was pretty too. Especially in winter. Which you’ll see soon.

Chapter 4

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